What Types of E-commerce are there? And what are their advantages and disadvatages?

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Description of my chosen business

I have chosen to analyse effective e-commerce methods that Hot Rocks could adopt, Hot Rocks is a restaurant situated very close to Bournemouth Pier and Bournemouth Beach. The Restaurant used to be a coffee shop, then it was transformed into a surf shop, then finally into a restaurant. They offer a wide range of food and drink, with dishes originating from the Caribbean and seafood right in front of their restaurant from Bournemouth Beach. Hot Rocks don't have a specific target market and have a range of menus which target specific target markets to try to increase profit by offering meals and events which appeal to certain ages of people. The food is cooked fresh at the restaurant, and you can have a look at your pizza being cooked at the open stove they have inside of the restaurant. Currently, Hot Rocks have 15 staff employed, and their highest amount of staff they ever had enrolled was 60.

I chose to do my report on a business which I go to frequently which is called Hot Rocks. The business started off as a surf shop, then transformed into a coffee shop, then finally transformed into what it is now, a restaurant. They offer a variety of foods and drink, and they are very well-known for their cocktails. They are situated very near Bournemouth Pier and right by the beach, and have an eye-catching and enticing interior and exterior. There is no specific target market for the business, and a variety of types of people visit the restaurant. They make their own food and drink, and have a pizza stove near the front of the restaurant, where you can see your pizza being made. At the moment, the business has 15 staff employed, but at one point, they had 60 staff employed.

Description and analysis of the types of e-commerce the business uses

[img]file:///C:/Users/home/AppData/Local/Temp/msohtmlclip1/01/clip_image002.jpg[/img]In the late 20th century and the 21st century, there has been an immense rise in the use of the internet to promote and sell products or provide services, also known as e-commerce. E-commerce is increasingly becoming essential for a business to have, and for a well populated industry like the catering industry, having a competitive edge over other restaurants is imperative to increase profits and cash inflow as customers could easily go to another restaurant at a maximum of 5 minutes away in Bournemouth, meaning you need to have a factor or factors that make your restaurant different to others, and various methods of e-commerce gives businesses an easy way to do that. Also, adopting e-commerce for your business gives you the chance to give a first impression to potential customers without them actually seeing the business physically, which is easier for the customer and for the business as well, and with the scale of search engines like ‘Google’ and social media websites like ‘Facebook’, you have the chance to give a first impression to millions of people online, and if you execute this first impression successfully to potential customers, this could result in a monumental increase in profits and cash inflow for a business without having to put in much effort.

E-commerce is particularly vital for Hot Rocks as the catering industry is increasing in size and annual turnover according to Statista (Appendices 3), with there being a roughly £12,000 increase in annual turnover from 2008 to 2016,and with the industry growing at such a rate, it is crucial to gain as big online presence as you can and as early as you can, so that as the industry keeps on increasing, Hot Rocks doesn’t fade away online because of other catering businesses using e-commerce more effectively, and therefore overtaking Hot Rocks online, which will then translate into amount of sales and profit other businesses make compared to Hot Rocks. Also, according to data gathered from pragmauk.com, a graph from Pragma Consumer Research 2014 states that service is the third most important factor for customers when they choose what restaurant to go to, and if Hot Rocks use e-commerce effectively and come across as friendly and give a good impression of the business online, this comes under customer service, and therefore could be a key factor into why potential customers might pick to eat at Hot Rocks instead of at other businesses.

The reason for this is because it is a lot cheaper to sell stuff online than to rent out a store and promotion online is a lot cheaper than promoting on the TV for example. With the rise in the use of internet and a bigger target audience than ever before, it would be stupid not to advertise online or at least have a website so people can visit your business online.

I think that using methods of e-commerce is crucial for Hot Rocks because they have picked a very good location for their business, with a great view, which is one of the main selling points for the business, so they need a place to upload the pictures they have taken of the view to help convince potential customers to visit the restaurant. Also, with the restaurant industry increasing at a stable rate, supported by the graph to the right, it’s important that you have a competitive edge over other restaurants, or an appeal which other restaurants don’t have, especially when there is a large potential for new customers, a website or a unique feature on [img]file:///C:/Users/home/AppData/Local/Temp/msohtmlclip1/01/clip_image004.jpg[/img]your website would help Hot Rocks gain new customers. Also, customers in the South West in recent years have been paying more whilst going to restaurants, and with Hot Rocks offering food at a medium-high price, they could promote their quality, high price food on their websites and attract new customers because of people tending to spend more money on food when they go out.

The business has a well-developed website, which is a Business-to-customer e-commerce method, it has a clear hyperlink bar at the top to certain pages of the website. When you click on the website link, you are greeted with a picture of the front of the restaurant and a nice beach view on a sunny day, which gives you your first impression of the business, which would be a well-kept restaurant with a tremendous view. Then under the picture is Hot Rock’s slogan, ‘Great food, great spot, great times!’ followed by a description of Hot Rocks explaining about what products they offer, the view and their heated outside deck. They also have all their menus on, including seasonal menus like 'Christmas menu’, so potential customers can check what foods they offer. I believe their website is very well-developed and there isn’t much room for improvement.

E-commerce methods analysis for Hot Rocks

E-commerce method




Having a website means that your business information and details about your products can be accessed by anyone from anywhere at any time, even when your business is closed. This could increase sales by a fair amount just by having one.

You could have your website link on other popular websites and go viral if the internet like a funny thing on your website for example, which would have a colossal increase on how many people visit your website a day, which would in turn bring more customers to the restaurant. This would be one of the best things which could happen to your business on the internet, as normally if something goes viral, millions if not billions of people see it. You can reach a wider audience.

A clear place for potential customers to find out and learn about your business, which gives you an opportunity to create a first impression about your business to a lot of people, and gives you a chance to convince a larger audience to visit Hot Rocks.

Gives you a chance to give potential customers a first impression without seeing the business physically.

Brings you closer to the customer.

A chance to promote products and offers etc., also you could host adverts on your website, which would make the business more money. Offers and coupons are proven to entice potential customers to visit businesses, and by promoting these on the internet, a wide audience would see these coupons and offers, and in turn be likely to visit the business.

Setting up and making a website can take a long time and require a person skilled in that area to make it. This can cost you money to hire someone; however it is a small price to ask for the benefits you receive from having a website.

Your website can crash, which could give potential customers an impression that your business isn’t reliable and is disorganised, in turn negatively affecting the reputation of the business.

A lot of people who will visit your website won’t come to the restaurant or help your website gain popularity at all.

Your website could gain bad publicity easily if you make one mistake or bad decision, and popular websites could increase this bad publicity and this could affect your business drastically, also allegations can be made, and even if not true, can negatively affect the reputation of the business.

Social media accounts

Large audiences – In September 2017, Instagram had 800 million active users. In 2017, Facebook had 1 billion 368 million daily active users. This is a massive audience.

Free to Create

Encourages sharing, a lot of people will share articles or posts without hesitating, which could lead to one of your posts or articles becoming viral, or at least well-known, which could provide a monumental boost to sales, and in turn leading to a potential for a lot of loyal customers.

Increases brand loyalty – A study conducted by the Social Habit shows that 53% of Americans who follow brands on social media are more likely to remain loyal to those brands. Although this is a study in the US, the UK will have a similar percentage, and as there is a big potential to gain loyal customers in the food industry, making a social media account could benefit restaurants a lot as it could increase the amount of loyal customers for the restaurant.

You can also use social media to gain valuable information about your customers and competition that will help you make smarter business decisions.

Negative feedback has a larger audience, if someone decides to have a rant about your business, or share false allegations which tarnish the reputation of the business, even if the allegations are false. This could decrease the annual cash flow of your business and affect other factors of the business in a negative way as well. Also what is uploaded to the internet is always technically there, as even when deleted there is a footprint of it. So you can never get rid of allegations towards the business, even if you proved them to be wrong.

There is also a potential for embarrassment for your business, for example if you use a hash tag with your own funny caption, but didn’t research what the hash tag meaning was and if it had a deeper meaning. An example of this is when DiGiorno Pizza noticed that ‘#WhyIStayed’ was trending on twitter, so they created their own caption of it, which was ‘#WhyIStayed You had pizza’, but they didn’t realise the hash tag was being used to discuss domestic violence in relationships. This could create a huge uproar towards your business, and affect it negatively by a lot.

It can be time intensive, you will have to dedicate a lot of time to create successful social media accounts which try to hop onto trends and go viral, so you may have to hire a social media advisor/ manager, or have an increased workload for someone in the business to do this job.


The app can have a section for employees, this could be so they can sign in, and means you can organise them better. This could mean that the business owners/ managers can spend less time organising their staff. There are a lot of free project management apps, so this could method could be free.

An app will be constantly available if there are no glitches, errors or if there is a system crash on Play Store etc. Unlike if an owner/ manager are absent, this could in turn make the staff unorganised.

You can make some extra money for the business, especially if you have a games app, for example Hot Rocks could have a game involving rocks for example where you have to catch rocks from the top of the screen. This will also give the business a bigger presence online.

Poor customer support on your app could give people who use the app a bad reputation of your business, and therefore decrease sales and negatively affect the reputation of the business.

App-building can be expensive, as in most cases, you will have to hire an app maker/ developer. People charge around $150 - $200 per hour, and apps can take more than 24 hours to make, which would add up to a hefty expense.

Pay-per-click Ads

Google have an AdWords Program, where they allow you to set up simple ads that show up on searches for specific keywords, for Hot Rocks case, this could be food, restaurant, Bournemouth or tasty for example. They are often expensive, but pay off if you target the right keywords. This would generate more clicks to the website, resulting in more people seeing the view and bright coloured, eye-catching website.

They are measurable – PPC Ads can be set up so it measures effectiveness, as it will determine how much you return is.

You only pay when a user reaches your website.

It is a time investment, you can’t just make a PPC Ad and then leave it, you have to optimise and improve it. This could be a time investment Hot Rocks aren’t willing to make.

The cost can quickly add up – if you aren’t optimising and improving your ad/s, money can be wasted.

Clicks on your website don’t always lead to sales, especially if you are a restaurant, as there are bound to be users who visit your website who live hours away from the restaurant, so they won’t go, which means you are paying for clicks on your website which won’t result in anything.

Print Advertising

People who are interested and the print advertisement has caught their eye, are very likely to learn more about the business. Magazine ads have the second highest receptivity of any media.

People normally are loyal to one brand of magazine or newspaper, so the user will view your ad with a more positive frame of mind, as they are reading their favourite magazine or newspaper. Hot Rocks could get ads in location specific newspapers like ‘The Daily Echo’, so you are targeting an audience which are close to your restaurant.

The internet has a much wider reach than print advertising. Meaning you could be paying more for an advertisement which isn’t seen by as many people.

Requires planning and time.

Normally a certain type of group of people read a magazine or newspaper, and you could choose the wrong group, also Hot Rocks doesn’t have a certain type of group of people that visit their restaurant, and it’s mainly just random types of people.

A lifespan of a magazine or newspaper is very short, as people tend to throw them away after they have read them. Which means if the advertisement is extremely short-term, and if it doesn’t result in success can be a waste of money.

Description and analysis of the types of e-commerce that the business could use or could use better (45 mins)

To identify possible methods of e-commerce Hot Rocks could use to increase sales, I conducted my own primary research, which is the process of gathering data which hasn’t been collected before, and used secondary research as well, which is the collection of data which has already been conducted. I made a questionnaire (appendices 5) and questioned 30 customers at Hot Rocks, asking questions from what the food was like to how useful the website and social media accounts of Hot Rocks were, the reason why I conducted this research is because the customers opinions are what matters the most to businesses, as they are the ones who buy your products/ services, and therefore support the business. I also made a competitor analysis table (Appendices 4) to compare what Hot Rocks’ competitors were doing better or worse than them, and see what e-commerce methods they were using, to see if Hot Rocks could adopt them. My secondary research included getting graphs of certain statistics through various websites and gathering statistics about the restaurant industry.

An App

I believe that an e-commerce method Hot Rocks should use is an app for phones, where you can rack up points and redeem your points for certain rewards, for example a free 12’’ pizza. Not only will this give Hot Rocks a larger presence online but increase the amount of loyal customers Hot Rocks has, as people are more likely to visit your business frequently if the more they go, the more rewards they will get, as they feel they are getting something extra for visiting your business than other businesses.

They can implement the app by paying an app designer to make the app, entry level applications with basic functionality cost around £5,000 - £15,000, however I believe the complexity of the app will cost around the £7,000 mark or lower, as it only has one concept, and no technical features. Although this seems like a lot of money to invest into an e-commerce method, I believe in the medium- long term, the app will be a big sales boost for the business, and they will make this money back from people visiting the business because of the app within 2 years.

I believe the business would want to use this method, as they are a popular restaurant, who have a big potential to increase the amount of loyal customers they have, as from what the questionnaire tells me, the majority of people like the food, drink, service and atmosphere, which according to the Pragma Consumer Research 2014 chart about how important certain factors are in peoples decision of which restaurant to go to, are all in the top 4. Also as time has gone on, the potential for loyal customers has increased in general in the restaurant industry, as according to statista, in 2016, 36 per cent of people surveyed eat out once or twice a week, compared to in 1989 where 5 per cent did. So if Hot Rocks are able to gain loyal customers who eat out once or twice a week, this could increase their sales massively, and the app could be the factor which persuades these customers to visit the restaurant frequently because someone who is eating out once or twice a week wouldn’t want to miss out on free meals if they visit a certain restaurant.

In the customer questionnaires, the main factor which customers said that Hot Rocks need to improve was customer service, and this app can be put into the customer service section of the business. So Hot Rocks would be improving their customer service by making the app, and therefore improving the main factor that people thought they were lacking, which could help to persuade customers to come back to the restaurant, as they have seen that Hot Rocks are trying to make an active improvement to fix this, which gives off the message that Hot Rocks care about their customers.

None of Hot Rocks’ competitors have an app, which means Hot Rocks would have a competitive edge over their rivals, which could in turn convince customers who visit these other restaurants to visit Hot Rocks instead, which doesn’t just strengthen Hot Rocks as a business, but weaken the others as well, which would give Hot Rocks a bigger market share in the restaurant industry.

When I went to interview the manager of Hot Rocks, I asked him about the idea of creating an app and if it was a realistic idea. He told me that it was, and they think it would be very useful for the business, but haven’t got round to making one. I told him a predicted price for someone to make the app, and he said that they have more than £8,000 in retained profits, which means they could afford to make the app. This shows that Hot Rocks like the idea of creating an app, and think that it would be a medium-long term profit boost.

Pay-Per-Click Advertisements

Another e-commerce method Hot Rocks could adopt could be Pay-Per-Click Advertisements, which is an internet advertising model used to direct traffic to websites, in which an advertiser pays a publisher (typically a website owner or a network of websites) when the ad is clicked.

I believe PPC Ads could be a viable e-commerce method, as you pay for what you get, unlike other search engine advertisement payments, where you pay a certain price for an ad, no matter how successful it is, which could lead to a loss in money if the ad isn’t successful, which could result in debt for the company, as advertising on search engines can be really expensive, and if your advertisement fails, it can be a very big drawback for the business. However, like in the name, PPC Ads mean every time someone clicks on the ad to your website, you pay a certain amount of money, which means that there is a guarantee that you won’t be paying for an advertisement which won’t be clicked, as if no one clicks on the ad, you will have to pay nothing. This makes PPC Ads a secure way of advertising the business on the internet.

PPC Ads are on average $1-$2 per click, which may seem expensive, but for Hot Rocks, they can use key words like ‘Bournemouth’ or ‘Restaurants near me’ to target a customer range which are near the restaurant, which means that the ratio of clicks resulting in sales will be more than if Hot Rocks didn’t use key words that were location specific, which would in turn result in Hot Rocks getting more sales from the PPC ads, making this method of e-commerce successful.

The business would want to use this method because it has a very good possibility of increasing sales if the people clicking on the advertisement are in Bournemouth. Also with the business having more than £8,000 in retained profits, this means that they can afford to use this method in the medium-long term if they believe it has been successful for the business in the first few months.

Print Advertising

Print advertising is an advertisement that appears in a newspaper or magazine, rather than on television, radio, or the internet. I believe that Hot Rocks could adopt this e-commerce method and find success with it because of its capability to reach a specific location and because it has the second highest receptivity of any media.

Print advertising is effective for a number of reasons, for example people who are interested in the advertisement because of the design or eye-catching factors of it, are more likely to learn more about the business and this could result in them visiting the business and buying food and drink. Also people are normally loyal to one brand of magazine or newspaper, so the user will, in most cases, be reading your advertisement with a more positive frame of mind as they are reading their favourite magazine. Also it is easy to target a specific location by printing advertisements in location-specific newspapers like ‘The Daily Echo’ for example.

If Hot Rocks wanted to enter an advertisement in the ‘Daily Echo’ newspaper, for a 4x2 advert, where you can write up to 40 words and stays in the newspapers for 6 days, it would cost £219.72. However, if Hot Rocks wanted to go for a smaller ad, they could buy a 3x1 ad, with up to 15 words and stays in the newspapers for 6 days. This would target a specific location which Hot Rocks are situated in, which is perfect, as there will be a higher chance that someone reading the advertisement will visit the business because of how close they are to the business.

I believe Hot Rocks could use this method, as most print advertisements are very colourful and eye-catching, just like Hot Rocks’ website, so they could make a print advert with the colourful exterior of the restaurant and the beautiful view out to sea, which would entice readers of the certain newspaper or magazine to read Hot Rocks’ advert.

I asked the manager if this would be a suitable method for the business, and he agreed completely with the concept of advertising in newspapers or magazines, as he believes his team has a very good capability of making a very colourful and persuasive advertisement. He also was surprised at how cheap it was to get an advert in the ‘Daily Echo’ newspaper, and said that his team and he are going to go through with this method of advertising.


Overall I think that their website is eye-catching and well developed, with a clear bar at the top which links to every aspect of the website. However I think that they could add an aspect to the front page of the website to entice people not to click off the website, as an extract written by Ginny Mineo from Hubspot says that ‘55% of visitors spend fewer than 15 seconds your website’. I believe that an effective way to keep people on your website would be a chance to have a virtual tour around the restaurant as you enter, and on the website just under the first picture, there are big bold letters spelling ‘TAKE A LOOK AROUND OUR RESTAURANT’, as I believe that this is an idea that not many business websites have encompassed, and customers will think that this business is different to others, and want to carry on learning about it.

Another element I think that the Hot Rocks’ website could introduce is a video from an employee/s, telling people why they like working there, why you should visit and how nice the beach is by Hot Rocks. This would help to make customers believe that the business has happy staff, which often makes people think that if the staff are happy, the business is good in general, and therefore increase their chance of visiting the business.

Analysis of which types of e-commerce would be best for the business and the effect it might have on different parts of the business

Creating an app which rewards people with greater rewards for the more money they spend and how frequently they eat at the restaurant will encourage a higher level of customers to buy food and drink at Hot Rocks, which will have a positive impact on sales, as this will increase sales for Hot Rocks. With the app rewarding loyal customers who visit the restaurant regularly, this will increase the cash inflow steadily throughout the year because of the repeat sales from loyal customers. I believe the image on brand and reputation will be a positive one, as people will believe that they want to reward customers, and also might make the business seem more popular if they have the app, which could make potential customers think that it is popular for a reason, and visit the restaurant to see why. I think that it might be annoying for the staff at first to tell every customer about the app, but when it starts to make the business more money, and their wages could possibly increase, I believe it will increase staff morale and motivation, and therefore increase their customer service, which is what the results from the questionnaire say that Hot Rocks need to improve the most. Although Hot Rocks will have to give them free rewards, how much this will cost them will be a tiny amount compared to how much the customer is paying to receive this reward. For example, customers might have to spend £75 to receive a free pizza of their choice, which could cost the business around £3 to make. This shows that this method would increase the profits made by the business significantly, because of the small expense Hot Rocks have to spend for the amount of money they will receive because of the customers getting enticed in by the rewards they will receive.

I believe that this method would be the best method for Hot Rocks to adopt because of its capability to bring in sales and profits. Also as soon as the app is created, it could start to increase sales, and the app will probably gain popularity over time because of more people hearing about it, promotion of the app on social media etc. and by word of mouth, as the business could tell each customer which visits the restaurant about the app, which makes the app a short-term and long-term method to increases sales and profits for the business, as people would like to use a new, fresh app made by Hot Rocks when it comes out, but it also will get more well-known as time goes on, and as people rack up more points and receive greater rewards over time, the majority will stick with the app. Also when an app is created, it is cheap to maintain, and with an app with one, simple concept like this one, it will be easy to maintain for the business.

Pay-Per-Click Advertisements which increase the number of people who visit your website would increase the number of sales and profits for Hot Rocks if they use the right keywords like ‘Bournemouth’, ‘food’, ‘near me’ and ‘tasty’ for example. It will encourage customers to visit their restaurant because it will bring them to their colourful, well-developed and eye-catching website, where Hot Rocks have menus on so the customers can see what type of food they cook. Pay-Per-Click Ads can increase Hot Rocks’ sales and profits because each person who clicks on the your website because of the PPC Ad will cost the business on average $1-$2, so if a customer who has clicked on your website visits your restaurant, if he buys a pepperoni pizza, a Pina Colada and an Apple Pie, this would cost the customer £22.85, which is the equivalent of 21 clicks, so Hot Rocks would only need 1 person out of 21 people to visit their restaurant, however if the person comes with this family of four for example, they could spend around £80 - £120, which is the equivalent of 100 clicks. I think the impact on the brand and reputation would be positive, as if people see Hot Rocks as one of the first websites they see when they type in ‘Restaurants in Bournemouth’ for example, the majority will believe Hot Rocks is one of the most popular, which increases their chance of visiting the restaurant, as they might think that it is popular for a reason and want to find out. I believe that this method won’t affect the workers at all, as they don’t have to do any extra work because of Hot Rocks using this new e-commerce method. I feel like workers will like that change, as the method will increase profits if executed properly, and possibly increase their wages.

I believe that this method would be beneficial to the business because it will increase their sales and profits if done right, and will increase their online presence, and an increasing online presence is essential for a growing business, because it gives the business an opportunity to constantly grow and also have the chance of going viral, which could massively help the business, in the sense of a lot more customers visiting the business, which would in turn result in an increasing cash inflow and online presence, as they are likely to take a picture of them at a viral restaurant for people to see.

Print Advertising can be very affective, because of its capability to target a certain location and type of person, along with it having the second highest receptivity of any media. However, Hot Rocks have to make sure they choose a newspaper or magazine that is location specific like the ‘Daily Echo’, as if you are advertising the business for people to come to eat, it is unlikely that someone who lives more than hour away from Hot Rocks will want to make their way to the business when they can just go to a restaurant which is five minutes away, so they need to make sure that they pick a newspaper that is location specific to Bournemouth.

Print Advertising would affect the sales, as sales would increase, but also Hot Rocks might need to improve customer service if they want people to become loyal to the business and visit the business multiple times. So this would affect the customer service part of the business, as the staff will have to make a bigger effort to come across as friendly and sharp to the customers.

Recommendation about which type of e-commerce you think would be best for the business

I have used primary research (interview, questionnaire and observation) and secondary research (internet research and competitor analysis) to help me decide what method of e-commerce Hot Rocks should adopt to increase sales, cash inflow and increasing amount of loyal customers. The General Manager of the business agreed that all the e-commerce methods that I suggested they could use are definitely viable.

I think that the e-commerce method that Hot Rocks should adopt is creating an app which rewards customer loyalty by giving them rewards for the amount of money they spend at the business. The significant factors of this method is that it would increase the amount of loyal customers the business would have, which I feel is the most important factor to consider when considering what e-commerce method a business should use. As loyal customers are the customers that make sure that the business has a steady cash inflow, as they visit regularly, giving money to the business, also it means that there is always a group of customers that will pretty much always visit your business, which I feel that every business should have, which is a base of loyal customers. Also, creating an app can increase Hot Rocks’ online presence. With an app, there can be crashes and glitches, but they are easy to fix with a bit of altering to the coding, and I believe that there won’t be many complications with the app because of the simple element of the app, which is you get points which you show to the staff at Hot Rocks and you get certain rewards.

I feel that creating an app has short-term and long-term benefits, as when the app is created and ready for customer use, if Hot Rocks execute the announcement and promotion of the app right, the app could become very popular with customers, as it is a new and exciting element to the business. Also an app is technically permanent, in the sense that unless it crashes or the internet goes down, it will always exist. For long-term, the more people use the app, the better rewards they receive, which means that it is long-term in the sense that as time goes on, customers will get better rewards, so use it for a long time.

I have gathered research on how customers are more likely to visit the business multiple times if they get rewarded for their loyalty. I also looked at how many big businesses do this, like Tesco and Sainsbury’s for example, and how this is their main method of trying to build an increasing amount of loyal customers, by awarding them with bigger discounts and free stuff for the amount of money they spend at their shops.

With the restaurant industry steadily increasing, it would be very good for the business to have a rising online presence on search engines with your website, but also with a bigger online presence on the App Stores. Also with Hot Rocks’ current financial situation, with more than £8,000 in retained profits, Hot Rocks are more than capable to run an app.

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