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Sample Description of Business
I have chosen to analyse effective e-commerce methods that Hot Rocks could adopt, Hot Rocks is a restaurant situated very close to Bournemouth Pier and Bournemouth Beach. The Restaurant used to be a coffee shop, and then it was transformed into a surf shop, then finally into a restaurant. They offer a wide range of food and drink, with dishes originating from the Caribbean and seafood right in front of their restaurant from Bournemouth Beach. Hot Rocks don't have a specific target market and have a range of menus which target specific target markets to try to increase profit by offering meals and events which appeal to certain ages of people. The food is cooked fresh at the restaurant, and you can have a look at your pizza being cooked at the open stove they have inside of the restaurant. Currently, Hot Rocks have 15 staff employed, and their highest amount of staff they ever had enrolled was 60.
Description and analysis of the types of e-commerce the business uses
• In the late 20th century and the 21st century, there has been an immense rise in the use of the internet to promote and sell products or provide services, also known as e-commerce.
• E-commerce is increasingly becoming essential for a business to have, and for a well-populated industry like the catering industry, having a competitive edge over other restaurants is imperative to increase profits and cash inflow as customers could easily go to another restaurant at a maximum of 5 minutes away in Bournemouth, meaning you need to have a factor or factors that make your restaurant different to others, and various methods of e-commerce gives businesses an easy way to do that.
• Also, adopting e-commerce for your business gives you the chance to give a first impression to potential customers without them actually seeing the business physically, which is easier for the customer and for the business as well, and with the scale of search engines like ‘Google’ and social media websites like ‘Facebook’, you have the chance to give a first impression to millions of people online, and if you execute this first impression successfully to potential customers, this could result in a monumental increase in profits and cash inflow for a business without having to put in much effort.
• E-commerce is particularly vital for Hot Rocks as the catering industry is increasing in size and annual turnover according to Statista (Appendices 3), with their being a roughly £12,000 increase in annual turnover from 2008 to 2016,and with the industry growing at such a rate, it is crucial to gain as big online presence as you can and as early as you can, so that as the industry keeps on increasing, Hot Rocks doesn’t fade away online because of other catering businesses using e-commerce more effectively, and therefore overtaking Hot Rocks online, which will then translate into amount of sales and profit other businesses make compared to Hot Rocks.
• Also, according to data gathered from pragmauk.com, a graph from Pragma Consumer Research 2014 states that service is the third most important factor for customers when they choose what restaurant to go to, and if Hot Rocks use e-commerce effectively and come across as friendly and give a good impression of the business online, this comes under customer service, and therefore could be a key factor into why potential customers might pick to eat at Hot Rocks instead of at other businesses.
• Hot Rocks have a website and social media accounts on Instagram
• Hot Rocks’ website is well-developed, colourful and enticing, not much to improve. Could have a virtual tour on website around the business.
• Website is effective as is it the status symbol of a business online and they have a well-developed website.
• Benefits of website:
• Open 24/7
• You can put your website link on other popular websites or social media pages to increase your online presence
• A clear place for potential customers to come to (status symbol), gives you an opportunity to make a good impression.
• Brings you closer to the customer
• A chance to promote products and offers to a larger audience.
• Drawbacks of Website:
• Your website could crash, or even worse be down for a long time if there is a big bug inside of the website; this could give potential an impression that the business is unreliable and disorganised, and therefore put them off visiting the business.
• Bad publicity
• Benefits of Social Media Accounts:
• Large Audiences – Instagram (800 million active users in in 2017), Facebook (1 billion 368million daily active users in 2017). Big advantage, low cost for advertising for a huge audience.
• Free to create, no expenses except advertising.
• Encourages sharing, people like to share on social media without even thinking too much about what they are sharing, and easy to convince to get people to share stuff.
• Increases brand loyalty – Social Habit says that 53% of Americans who follow brands on social media are more likely to remain loyal to those brands.
• Data gathering about customers which is very valuable.
• Drawbacks of Social Media Accounts:
• Negative feedbacks has a larger audience and people like drama and are more likely to listen to allegations made against the business. There are a lot of trolls on the internet, for fun these people could make up allegations against the business as big numbers, which could have a monumental negative effect on the business and its profits and cash inflow.
Description and analysis of e-commerce that the business could use or could use better
• Opening Paragraph:
• Primary Research: The gathering new data that has not been collected before.
• Secondary Research: involves the summary, collation and/or synthesis of existing research
• Primary Research I conducted: Customer Survey, Interview with General Manager and Observations.
• State the type of e-commerce you think the business should adopt: A loyalty app.
• Describe how your method will be implemented and used by the business: Implemented by paying an app creator/designer to make the app for around £8,000.
• Explain why the business would want to use this method of e-commerce- why have you chosen it? Do their competitors use it? Dis the manager say it would be a good option?:
• Long-term method to increase profits and cash inflow, easy to maintain once created, increases good customer service (3rd most important factor on average for customers according to pragmauk). Competitors don’t use it so it gives Hot Rocks a competitive edge. Manager said it was a great idea. Questionnaire results said that customer service is what needed to be improved the most, a customer loyalty app would come under that, and would therefore improve.
• Print Advertising
• Describe how your method will be implemented and used by the business: Either a team or person inside of Hot Rocks will make the advertisement, or Hot Rocks hire a designer or designer team to design an advertisement for a newspaper or magazine.
• Explain why the business would want to use this method of e-commerce- why have you chosen it? Do their competitors use it? Does the manager say it would be a good option?: Print Advertising can be very effective because it can be location specific and customer type specific as well (Daily Echo is location specific and a fishing magazine is customer type specific).
• Print Advertising has the second highest receptivity rate of any media.
• People are normally loyal to a certain newspaper or magazine, so if they are reading your advertising in their favourite magazine, they would read it in a more positive frame of mind.
• Competitors don’t use it to my knowledge
• The manager said it would be a good option as it is cheap but effective.
• Print Advertising has been successful for almost all companies, most big companies use print advertising because of its receptivity rate and low prices.
• Pay-Per-Click Ads
• Describe how your method will be implemented and used by the business: Using the Google Advertising website, you can set up a advertisement agreement with them, where you pay money to be placed at the top of the search engine or have more priority over businesses which haven’t paid for certain key words.
• Explain why the business would want to use this method of e-commerce- why have you chosen it? Do their competitors use it? Does the manager say it would be a good option?:
• Pay-Per-Click Ads are reliable in the sense of you pay for what you get, unlike other advertising schemes online where there are no guarantees. However, with PPC Ads, you pay per click.
• Will increase online presence as more people are clicking on Hot Rocks’ website.
• Competitors don’t use this method.
• General Manager said that this is a decent idea as Hot Rocks admit that they haven’t been trying too hard to increase their online presence.

Analysis of which types of e-commerce would be best for the business and the effect it might have on different parts of the business.
The App
• I believe that a loyalty app has the possibility to be very successful, as it can provide a short-term boost in profits and cash inflow if Hot Rocks execute the announcement and promotion of the app well, it could be a new element to the business for the customers, and be a exciting change for them.
• Also it can be a long-term profit and cash inflow increase and solution to Hot Rocks’ alleged poor customer service.
• It will encourage a greater level of customers to buy their products, as the more products they buy, the bigger rewards they receive, it which provides the customers with a greater incentive to buy products from the business. This would increase Hot Rocks’ sales.
• I believe that this method would be extremely viable because it has a short and long-term benefits on cash inflow, profits and the customer service part of the business. Also, it could change consumer’s opinion on Hot Rocks’ awareness of e-commerce, which could give the impression of Hot Rocks being organised and care about the customers. Consumers will see the change if the announcement is executed successfully.
• It would have a positive impact on Hot Rocks’ reputation online, as this will increase their online presence and reputation as it will portray Hot Rocks as more organised and know what they are doing.
Print Advertising
• It will encourage a greater level of customers to buy products if the advertisement is appealing to the eye and is effective at persuading customers to visit the business.
• It could increase number of loyal customers in the way that people reading their favourite magazine/newspaper and are loyal to that magazine/newspaper, are more likely to be loyal to a business which is advertised in this magazine/newspaper.
• This would increase sales as more customers are visiting the business because of the Print Advertising.
• Print Advertising is relatively cheap, so if you gain a fair number of customers and loyal customers form the print advertising, it has a possibility to make a lot more money than the advertising cost, so a fair amount of profit can be made.
• Even if the Print Advertisement is unsuccessful and no customers visit the business form the advertising, which is highly unlikely, only a small amount of money will be lost, which makes Print Advertising a very safe way to advertise.
• I believe that this method could be successful but can be unsuccessful if the designer of the advertisement doesn’t know about what appeals to people reading advertisements. Also, Print Advertisements aren’t permanent, so if Hot Rocks want to have their ads continuously in a newspaper or magazine, this could cost more than £2000 for one newspaper, and a lot more for more than one.

Pay-Per-Click Ads
• Pay-Per-Click Ads can increase cash inflow and profits as they encourage customers to click on your website, which creates more traffic to Hot Rocks’ website, which in turn means more people are learning about your business and choosing whether to visit the business or not.
• I believe Pay-Per-Click Ads are suitable for Hot Rocks as they have a lot of money in retained profit (£15,000 +), this means that if they find PPC Ads to be successful, they have the money to invest in this method long-term, which can result in a monumental increase in profits, cash inflow and online presence.
• I believe that this method would be a suitable method for Hot Rocks, as they have the retained profits to use this method short-term and long-term, and it can be very effective if you use the right keywords.
Recommendation about which type of e-commerce you think would be the best for the business
• App means consumer data gathering
• Main Limitations of Loyalty App: Crashes and Bugs, Expenses.
• Which problems are the easiest to overcome?: Crashes and Bugs.
• Short-term: not as many sales
• Long-term: more sales
• 13 Feb 2014 – David Moth – 31% of Australian consumers want an app as well as a card – another 37% of respondents from the survey said that they would consider paying for a loyalty app, depending on the benefits. Chance to make more money, could be viewed as trying to milk customers, could tarnish rep.
• 57% of respondents stated that they still want a traditional card.
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Just no. This is not an analysis.
the bear
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this may be better in a different forum ?
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Outdoor advertising in the locale of the cafe may be worth considering rather than local newsprint.
Eg. 6 sheet illuminated billboards at nearby bus stops.

Depends on location and cost.

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