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Witcher 3 anyone? watch


    I think you should check out Persona 5 sometime. I couldn’t find a game to match Witcher 3 in quality, until I discovered Persona a year later. Think you’ll like it.

    (Original post by Airmed)

    My partner has introduced me to the world of gaming. Well, specifically Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt.

    I'm hooked. :lol:

    I've watched him complete most of it (main quest is finished, Hearts of Stone done, now on Blood and Wine), and now I am doing my own version of it. Just got into Novigrad. :awesome:

    The music is stunning, the visuals are gorgeous, the characters are amazing...I can definitely see why it was voted Game of the Year in 2015, it's amazing, and I am so sad we will not get a Witcher 4. :cry2:

    But the TV show revival should be good, huh?

    Have you played it? What has been your character endings?
    Not into it, tried to play it and had a go, but the story or the game just weren't for me. It's cool that you enjoy it though

    I'm looking forwards to the release of Red Dead Redemption 2, whenever that will come out. It's been getting delayed and delayed, but looking forwards for it to come out. Once it does I'll have to get back into gaming. LOVED the first version, the best video game I played.

    Pretty much done with it now. At first I played it for and hour an thought 'wtf is wrong with these controls, Geralt manoeuvres like a fridge' and then benched it for a few weeks. After going back to it though and doing nearly everything my life feels empty. I wish I had just left it uncompleted. Everything else seems like **** in comparison.


    I got Ciri as Empress, dead Anna-Henrietta/Syanna, and soul-less Olgierd as endings. I actually just let O'Dimm win because it would be quicker and I wanted to go to bed

    I got my girlfriend hooked in Witcher 3 Unfortunately now we are fighting over the pad...
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