Acne and gynecomastia?

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I've been reading past threads on TSR about acne and I read someone's comment which said that acne around the chin area is often hormonal. I pretty much always have big red spots around my chin/jawline area (I do rarely get them on my cheeks though, on my cheeks it's mostly very small spots). I also think I have gynecomastia (google it if you don't know) although I haven't been diagnosed since I haven't gone to my GP about it since I don't think it's worth it.
I'm wondering whether my acne and my possible gynecomastia could be caused by the same issue: something to do with hormones? This is concerning be because I've been spending quite a bit of money on various acne treatments and if my problems are hormonal, then surely I should stop searching for non-prescription acne treatments and should go to my GP? I'd like to know if anyone else has had this kind of combination of issues.
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Don't forget that gyno is not just about having fat around your chest/nipple, this is usually due to just having a high body fat percentage. Gyno is a hard lump of breast tissue in male nipples. To get rid of gyno i think you have to have surgery.

The fact that you have both gyno and hormonal acne is not supprising since both are caused by hormonal imbalances/issues.

I'm pretty sure i've got hormonal acne since i've got spots around my cheeks, it's not severe at all but noticeable once you look closely.

The treatment for hormonal acne i believe is a change in diet and use of supplements which can reduce the effect of hormones (or reduce the production of these hormones like androgen) which contribute to acne. Also avoid stress.

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