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One night stand doesn't want to see me again watch

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    To begin with, this is a complicated and slightly ****ed up situation, so spare me your judgements. I met a guy on an online chatting site 5 years ago and we used to talk frequently/flirt. He was from the UK and I am from the US, so meeting up was not a possibility in the past. After some time we lost contact, but a month ago I saw that he was on my suggested friends on snapchat. Out of curiosity and the fact that I am now attending school in the Netherlands, I added him back. He messaged me asking how I was and we started to casually talk again (side note we both are in separate long term relationships and are seemingly happy in them). Although, our past sexual tensions quickly flared up again and we started to flirt with each other again. As the flirting and sexual tensions increased within a few weeks, we decided that we finally wanted to meet each other in person. When I went to visit him, there was no awkwardness and it felt pretty natural having conversation and being around him. We went back to his place and made dinner together and had a few drinks and eventually started to hookup. The sex was intense and great and he did things such as kiss my forehead, play with my hands, and rub my feet- things that made me feel like he cared about me. The next morning I woke up before him and got my things together and was ready to leave. I woke him up to say good bye, but he insisted that I stay longer and get back into bed with him. I stayed and we hooked up a few more times and he made me breakfast and watched some Netflix together before I took the later departure. As he dropped me off at my bus he kissed me and I asked if I would see him again and he said that he didn't think so and we went our separate ways. A few days later I messaged him asking if he regret or felt guilty about what we did and he told me that he didn't regret it, but wouldn't do it again and that he wasn't curious about being with me anymore and that our fantasy was over. I respected what he said and told him that I wished him all the best and deleted him from my social media. Do you think he doesn't want to talk anymore because he really does feel regret and remorse for our actions or that he's scared about catching feelings for me? Or do you think that he finally got what he wanted after 5 years and I was only ever a fantasy to him?
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    It is difficult to give you a definite answer because it could literally be anything. From what I have read, it seems that he really enjoyed his time with you so it could be that he is afraid of catching feelings but you can't really know. It could be that he was being honest and you were just a fantasy and now it;s over...I know this isn't helpful but I can't really conclude anything from that!
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    He just wanted to pump and dump.

    Put it behind you and move on.

    ONS are always a risk.

    ONSs arnt the healthiest and id stay away from them

    its obvs all he wanted was sex

    I love stories like this, I want more details... (sorry)
    I hope this doesn't sound rude or anything...but does it really matter the reason behind it?
    You said it yourself that you're both in long happy relationships, would you carry on hooking up if he still talked to you?
    Enjoy the memory of the great hook up and just move on, that's what I would do if I ever had done the nasty with my 'sexy crush'!!

    maybe you weren't that good...
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