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Need help with advice paper... watch

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    If anyone could help with my grammar or if anything doesn't make sense, please comment below. Paper due tomorrow..

    Good advice is hard to find. I never know which is good or bad, because the outcome is unpredictable. For me, good advice must be from someone I can trust, especially if I’m telling that person what’s happening in my life. I can’t trust everyone, but the person I go to for advice would be my mom because she’s the most caring person, and the best advice she’s given me is to never give up on my goals in life.
    I always go to my mom for advice because she’s the person I trust the most, she’s caring, and the most emotionally strongest person I know. I give my full potential of my heart to her because she loves her family more than anything else and always supports me. She has those perfect words of wisdom and best advice in a hard situation. Sometimes I feel like giving up because dealing with school and work could be challenging, but she tells me to never give up. There’s times when I could be stubborn and not agree with everything she says, but usually the outcome is what my mom would tell me. I’ve heard that old saying before, “Whatever your mom says is always true.”
    My mom and I have similar personalities, so I think she knows when I’m about to give up on my goals in life. She has so much patience to tolerate my complaining and worrying, but she always tells me, “Never give up Aubry! If you believe in those four words, you’ll turn the impossible into possible.” I always reply back to her with, “Yes, Mom.” Then my mom says, “Great things take time, it just doesn’t happen instantly.” She has the best pick-me-ups, even though I feel like it sounds cliché, I remind myself every day to keep trying my best in everything I do without giving up. Sometimes I can have a short temper and say hurtful things towards her, but she never fights back. Being the youngest sibling in my family, my mom is always so strict and expects so much of me. Her blunt attitude could bring me down sometimes, especially after a long day, but I know she’s only wishing the best for me.
    My mom gave me advice to not give up due to being in stress after high school. I worked two part-time jobs, was a part time student, and I had a boyfriend. My mom noticed me having a very difficult time because I would try to be on time at my jobs, do my homework, and make time for my boyfriend. Every day felt like a struggle and I don’t think I’ll ever put myself in that situation again. The best advice my mom said to me was to never give up in anything I do. This advice helped me to stay positive and focus on the most important things in my life that could make my future even better. Till this day, I remind myself to never give up. I currently only have one part-time job, I’m a full-time student, and I have a boyfriend, so it doesn’t feel as bad as the situation I was in before.
    I remember in high school, my mom pushed me to not give up into learning how to play the alto saxophone in the Pearl City High School Band. My mom said she knew I could do it and to never give up in learning. I thought I couldn’t do it because I’ve never played a musical instrument, but I put my mind to it and told myself to not give up. I started off as last chair because I wasn’t the best saxophonist, but I believed I could get better and hopefully move up a few chairs. I went to alto saxophone lessons every other weekday to learn how to play. I felt like giving up at times because it takes so much coordination and practice to get good at it, especially when I had to follow along with the band. After a few months or so, I was so happy that I was able to follow along with the band and moved up a few chairs. Till this day, I still know how to play the alto saxophone and I thank my mom for pushing me into playing the alto saxophone.
    I had many mixed issues involving relationships, therefore, my mom would always remind me that she was my age before and never gave up with what she wanted in her relationships. My mom said all she wanted in her relationships was to be happy and put herself first. I thought what she had said sounded so cliché, but after being taken for granted a few times, I looked back and believed what she said was true. I admitted to myself that I wasn’t happy in my previous relationships, so from today, I never give up in making myself happy first. Being heartbroken a few times and learning to make myself happy first made my heart tougher to love, and still remind myself to never give up.
    Till this day my mom still tells me to never give up. She pushes me to do many big things in life, such as getting back into college. I never thought I would make it back in college or even do my work. Before getting back to college, I was working full-time as a teachers’ aide at a preschool. I would work from 8:00a.m. to 5:30p.m. every weekday. I knew how good it felt to make money, but one day my mom told me, “You have to never give up because real success might take longer, but you have to struggle for years before you can reach what you really want.” I agreed with her and got back into college during the Fall 2017 semester. Currently, this Spring 2018 semester is my second semester back and I would agree that I’m doing okay. I’m satisfied to where my mom has pushed me today.
    In conclusion, my moms’ advice to never give up has made a big impact in my life because I remind myself every day to strive for the best without giving up. I’m thankful for my mom for leading me in the right direction and I know I’ll lead a happy, successful life because of her.

    That's a great piece of writing. Your mom must be proud. There were only a few minor grammar errors that I could find, which is really impressive because you have some complex language structures.

    'give my full potential of my heart to her' - maybe change to 'give my heart fully to her?'(Usually, to give someone your heart is a romantic gesture, so maybe change completely to something like 'I love her completely'

    give up into learning - change to 'give up learning'

    give up in learning -change to 'give up learning'

    me into playing the alto saxophone. - you have written the instrument name in full a few words earlier. 'into playing it' sounds more natural.

    ’m satisfied to where my... change to 'I'm satisfied where my mom has pushed me to today'
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Updated: February 7, 2018
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