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    konnichiwa : -

    I am starting this blog to primarily document the vicissitudes of my undergraduate journey. Though, I should inform anyone who deigns to have a look at this excuse of a blog - That I am currently in my final year of my bachelor's and will be completing my degree in Sociology.

    Yesterday night, my results for the fourth semester came out. And believe me, what took place next was totally unprecedented.

    I got the poorest of the grades in the two Sociology papers, I gave back in December.
    Here they are -


    Sociological Thought (ESO 13) - 38
    Social Stratification (ESO 14) - 50
    ( Though, the results are incomplete as my assignment grades have not been released yet - my varsity compiles our final marks taking 30% from assignments and the rest of the 70% from the Term-End Examinations)

    The thing is that I was foolishly hoping for a First in both and considered them to be among the best - I have attempted so far. I even went through the answers with one of my professors and he reassured me that I have performed well above average.

    Right now, I am acquiring forms for the re-evaluation appeal and will be spending about 1500 bucks on the entire affair. Also, I need to tell you that I am an Indian national and here our currency will roughly convert into 16 pounds of the aforementioned sum.

    As well as one should know that in India - it is from 60% onward that we consider it to be a First. While getting a 70 in any paper is astoundingly rare.

    I already have a past history of Clinical Depression and still take relaxants every night. And I am beginning to get scared of what this event will do to my mental state. I am also doing my studies from an Open university, though considered to be the best in the country - I continue to feel stigmatised and that occasional prick of inferiority.

    Though, I did prepare a priority list which might help me cope with the trauma.
    And they are as follows -

    1. Completing my pending assignments by the end of this month.

    2. Scheduling a six hours study session divided into different parts of the day - which I will try and maintain till the end of the term.

    3. Doing meditation every night before going to sleep.

    4. Keeping up with my exercising and dieting routine.

    5. Update this blog once every week.

    6. Wrapping up my internship tasks within the deadline.

    P.S. In reference to the last point, if anyone is interested I am taking part in two research studies as my internship commitment - a) Discrimination of Transgenders and their access to basic healthcare in West Bengal; b) Psychosocial empowerment of children with locomotor disabilities through sport.
    This will be my first foray into the domain of research and documentation, and I am super excited to have a wholesome experience.

    P.P.S. People should also know that the rest of my marks are a far cry from what I am graded this semester.
    Have a look -

    Foundation course in Humanities and Social Sciences (BSHF-101) - 72.8%
    Foundation course in English 1 (FEG-1) - 79.1%
    Foundation course in English 2 (FEG-2) - 60.2%
    Introduction to Sociology (ESO 11)- 64.5%
    Society in India (ESO 12) - 73.5%
    Foundation Course in Science and Technology (FST-1) - 69.7%
    Rural Development in Indian Context (BRDE-101) - 65.5%

    Hopefully, I will manage to achieve that First I am dreaming of, for the last two years and review will help accentuate my grades a lot higher.

    Keeping those fingers crossed.

    Until then,
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    Update Two : -

    Hello there again. I have got some news. Don't know whether it is good or bad. Not in the state to even judge that.

    My assignment marks are out today. And they are at least more than satisfactory - shows how much I sacrificed for a solid and proper grade.
    Take a peek -


    Sociological Thought ( ESO 13 ) - 84
    Social Stratification ( ESO 14 ) - 78

    Now the catch is that they come nowhere near a First or a 2:1; even after the add-up with my test results.
    Look at these disappointments -


    ESO 13 - 51.8%
    ESO 14 - 58.4%

    I am really experiencing exhaustion now. After rushing through my re-evaluation appeal and becoming 1500 rupees poorer in the process, the fallout is definitely not great.

    I also had another talk with my professor and though he is infuriated on my behalf and insists that my grades will improve - I still feel jittery all over and more than a bit hapless.

    Apologies though, for the useless rant. But I need to just get all of these out - vent my frustrations and anger, if you will.

    I am pretty wary of the future at this moment and then there are the review results too. Ergo, I definitely need to fix an appointment with my psychologist.

    Anyhoo, let me not keep this babble up and go get some shut-eye instead.

    Good night and Vanilla Ice-Cream dreams to all.

    Until then,
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