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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    No, you were saying that in spite of being my best and always persevering I do not have any right to be upset and that I should control that. Well, when you experience plain nastiness that's not the case and it's only right and natural to express emotion and resentment.
    I’m really sick of people telling me what my intentions were. You’re wrong on that part. I am right when I say my intentions were good and I did not once say your emotions are your ‘fault’. They’re your doing correct. Now unless you have something to say to my ADVICE I suggest you don’t reply to me again
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    First of all this is absolutely not your fault, if the teacher is treating you like this it seems to me like she is almost favouritising others in the class over you. My maths teacher hates me as well however your situation sounds a lot worse. If you don't feel comfortable talking to her in person which I know can be difficult maybe you could send her an email. But if you don't want to do that I'd suggest talking to another teacher you like maybe your form tutor. If the problem doesn't get resolved your head of year or even the head teacher. This isn't your fault if the teacher hasn't learnt to treat all members of a class fairly and instead of shouting at you praising you for at least trying it isn't most definitely her problem not yours.

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I honestly try my hardest and always do the work. Regardless, my teacher constantly picks on me, shouts and criticises what I do. Today, at a small debate on our tables no one was going to speak and after a long pause i vounteered to start. I read a point off a sheet and she said you’ve just read it off. Well, what else am I supposed to do? It’s the only thing I have on it and i understood and agreed with the point.
    I didn’t read it word for word. I was expecting her to praise me for having a go but instead she shouted. She’s so nice to the bad students who don’t do any work or know anything. I’m really upset because she constantly targets me and does not acknowledge how hard I work and instead is rude to me. There’s been so many instances where she’s said completely unnecessary and rude things to me. All my other teachers like me and are nice to me; I don’t understand why she hates me.
    Be sickly sweet. bake cookies and offer her one. offer to help her if she is handing out papers.hand in homework early. she will be confused by your sudden change in attitude and hopefully feel bad for being so harsh .It may not work for everyone but 2 of the three teachers ive used it on over the past 3 years it has worked for. Confuse,dont abuse.
Have you ever experienced racism/sexism at uni?
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