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    The central theme in both these poems is conflict. Both poets accurately portray the effects of war/conflict. However, there are some differences between the two. While 'War photographer' evokes the feelings and thoughts going through a man who takes war photographs for a living, 'Remains' is pictured around a guilt-ridden soldier whose actions haunt him. Although they both have some contrast, they present the shocking effects of war. To start, in 'War photographer', Carol Ann Duffy illustrates to the reader how the man is affected by the violent visions in war. She adds 'Spools of suffering', this sibilance could imply how the spool had photographs on it, to the photographer it was full of 'suffering'. The abstract noun 'suffering' could infer how disturbed the man is by these photographs. The sibilance creates a gloomy effect and could make the reader empathise with him, as he must stay with these memories. Carol may be trying to inform us of how war was corrupted and could psychologically damage the mind of someone. Also, he witnesses 'a half-formed ghost', Carol makes this ambiguous as it could interpret the pictures developing as well as the mutilated victims of the Vietnam war and how they were physically unidentifiable. However, it could also imply how young men and women would be going to war with unclear emotions. Carol may be telling us how the government just lure anyone, albeit the age, to join the army, creating anger in the reader. Simon Armitage depicts for us how the solider would be experiencing during pressuring times. 'Possibly armed, possibly not', this could suggest the thoughts running through a soldier's mind, they would be heavily pressured; but they had to follow war protocols to protect lives. Violent imagery is employed to create an image and a sense of the view of this soldier: 'as it rips through his body', he remembers it vividly and like 'War Photographer' it stays in his mind. Carol may've used the verb 'rips' to portray how easily life could be torn, and how war destroys people; one second, they are here the next they are ripped. Eventually, this would lead to a case of PTSD, which was a condition engendered by war; symptoms would comprise of hallucinations, anxiety and depression. A sense of sympathy could be created for both the victims and the soldier as he must endure life-changing images and PTSD. In addition, 'War photographer' has a calm atmosphere, contrasting to the violence he has witnessed. It has a regular line length which could connote how he was feeling about the photo. War photographers back then must be accurate and cold-hearted in a way, if the person was sensitive then the job would not be suitable; they had to be able to cope with the traumatic experiences. What was worse was that photographers could not intervene with any conflict, this was a general rule, this would make the man hopeless as he cannot help people in need. Furthermore, Carol cleverly uses prosaic language to demonstrate his emotions. He is described as 'impassive' at the end, contrasting to his sorrow and guilt at the start. This would convey how numb most photographers would be, they would become a part of it and not care. Conversely, being said that he may feel numb, Carol concludes 'pre-lunch beers' to show how he may've tried to get the negativity out of him mind. On the contrary, 'Remains' has a fast-paced atmosphere, which links to modern day war. The soldiers would have to be on the alert and would be incessantly be trying to dodge death. Simon adds colloquial language, 'one of the legs it up the road', to present the everyday language soldiers would be using, emphasising how they were uneducated, and foolishly jumping right into war; without knowing the risks due to be gullible to government propaganda. It is set in 1st person to enhance the how stressed the soldiers would be feeling. 'Remains' follows an irregular line length to reinforce the point that it would be very intense, Simon intentionally does this to show-case the mindset of these men and how they differ from normal humans. He may also be criticizing the government for almost torturing the men, and the after effects of war; and how it would lead to psychological trauma. Again, creating a sense of sympathy for the reader. Hence, both poems having slight differences, both Simon and Carol capture what it feels to be in war or in 'War photographer' case, associated with. The effects of conflict are engendered by erroneous deeds. This makes you think back and makes you regret it greatly. Ideally, it is not entirely the soldiers or photographers fault, it is the government; they sacrifice their lives while they do not intervene. A lot of sympathy would be created for the reader as they would experience what the writer would as they are both set in a narrative tone. When they are given sympathy, the government are criticized for their shameful actions.

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