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So, I've applied to study the following courses at the following unis:

Computer animation art and design - Bournemouth University (unconditional)
Animation - Staffordshire University (conditional - pass)
Animation - University for the Creative Arts (Farnham campus) (conditional - pass)
Illustration Animation - Kingston University (unconditional)
Computer Character Animation - Teesside University

I've received offers from all but Teesside currently (interview on Saturday), but am no closer to deciding which one to study at!
I've ruled Kingston out, while the location is perfect the course isn't quite right for me in the end, I'm currently doing a foundation diploma and the first year of their course seems like a rehash of this one so I'm not into that.

Staffs, UCA and Bournemouth are looking like the front runners at the minute, are there any former or current students out there that could give me a review of any of the courses or the unis, please?
I really like the sound of UCA but have heard that the town is a bit dead and there's not much of a student vibe, which doesn't bother me massively but would be good to know someone else's opinion on it.

I'm also having doubts that I've applied to the right course; Ravensbourne is seeming pretty good in hindsight but obviously I've applied to those 5 already so there's not much I can do about that (is there?).
Agh... it's all so difficult!
Any opinions or advice would be massively useful to a very stressed out aspiring animator...... thank you,

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