In french, my teacher told me i needed to add more complex structures

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My french teacher told me that to get full mark i would need to add more complex structures. How could i add more complex structures to my sentences and if you can using any example at all so i can understand.
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1) Use more difficult forms of verbs so :

apres avoir regarde l'heure = after having looked at .the time.....
apres etre arrive (e, es.ees) according to the gender etc of person arriving........ de bonne heure = after having arrived early ( This will get you lots of points as it's an etre verb.

j'ai vu.... I saw....( perfect)
Le lendemain j'avais rencontre ... the day before I had met... ( pluperfect)

Il y a une semaine J'etais alle ( e ) en vacances....... et le premier jour je me suis leve(e) a six heures et demie = A week ago I had gone on holiday and the first day I got up at half past six. ( plupertfect and perfect of reflexive verb )

En passant devant sa maison il a apercu sa soeur qui parlait avec sa copine = passing in front of his house he noticed his sister who was talking to her school friend ( present participle and perfect tense or irregular verb).

Si j'etais plus intelligent, je reussirais = If I were mpre intelligent I would succeed ( Imperfect and conditional)

2) Learn a list of 'fancy phrases' that can be used in almost any essay / conversation you have

D'abord ( at first), puis or ensuite ( then ), enfin or finalement ( at last), d'un coup ( suddenly), a mon avis ( in my opinion ) qu'est-ce que vous en pensez? = what do you think about it? peut-etre - perhaps

de temps en temps = from time to time il se peut que = it is possible that , il faut travailler dur pour reussir = you have to work hard to succeed

Il / elle a tort = he/ she is wrong il/ elle avait raison = he/she was right, de plus en plus = more and more, peu a peu = gradually

If you keep using these phrases you will know them off by heart . ( Science says you need to repeat a phrase 30 times in order to lear it).

If you have a book with vocabulary / phrases at the back, pick out some phrases and try and add to this list everyday. Learning languages is all about little and often. You need to keep a list of these useful phrases in a little vocabulary book , keep adding to them and look at them EVERY DAY. 5-10 minutes a day and you'll have cracked it. Preferably last thing at night and your unconscious mind will do the work for you while you sleep!

When you do a piece of writing or prepare for an oral exam, you should have in your head the phrases which you want to get in / show off to the examiner. It's relatively easy in a written exam as you can note them down as soon as the exam starts then you won't forget them and the job is how to get as many in as p;ossible.

With a plan you won't panic but treat it like a puzzzle- I must get at least 10-20 in.. Even in an oral exam you should be thinking how many of my 'fancy phrases' can I use.

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