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    Hey fellow struggling students! So I'd thought that I might as well give this a go. Who knows, I might actually stick to it!
    1) GCSEs...well. To be fair I did relatively decent considering I didn't revise one bit. Oops?
    English Lang and Lit - B
    ICT- Distinction
    History - A*
    Religious Studies - A
    Maths - C
    French - C
    Welsh - C
    2) AS Levels... I did revise! Just not a lot, not effectively and I certainly started too late. (4 weeks prior)
    English Lang and Lit - C and B (resitting one paper)
    Law - B
    Religious Studies - 3Cs (I know, I'm hiding under my blanket even as I write this)
    And that leaves A2. This year. This year I'm going full-on studyfreak! I'm aiming for:
    Law - A
    English - High B/Low A
    Religious Studies - BCC
    I know, ridiculously optimistic, right? Either way, I have an unconditional uni offer to Southampton Solent for Journalism so I'm not too gut-achingly worried
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    Okayy so IDK if this is how you update these things but yeah. Ha, good start.
    So for my mocks I got:
    Law - B (two marks from an A!!)
    Religious Studies - BC
    English - C (four marks from B. Not going well I'm afraid)
    So today I created some flashcards for Law, writing down the sections for Acts on Police Powers and writing down defences to homicide, then I typed up a PPQ and emailed it to my great - but eccentric - teacher. I also wrote some Hinduism notes on the treatment of women from the 1800s to the present.
    So in RS we have 3 sections. Christian Ethics, Hinduism and Christian Philosophy. We have finished Ethics, and I do this thing where I keep a separate notebook to condense my notes down and rewrite neatly. I have finished doing this all for Ethics and I'm now just writing model answers to possible questions...Overall it is going well but I'm struggling on Determinism and Freewill, there is just so much to cover! So by the end of the week I'm aiming to have done this:
    - Write a determinism answer
    - Finish neat notes on sentencing (youth)
    - Write notes on at least one scene of King Lear
    - Read two chapters of Great Expectations
    - Rewrite English Mock exam answers to hand in
    I think that's it. I'm receiving an English essay and coursework draft back on Friday, so I'll update on Saturday/Sunday maybe, hopefully with photographic evidence of my completed to-do list!

    (Original post by ejdav172)
    Okayy so IDK if this is how you update these things but yeah. Ha, good start.
    Yep that's how you update :yep:

    What's your favourite subject? I did Law at A-level and really enjoyed it :yy:
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    (Original post by Fox Corner)
    Yep that's how you update :yep:

    What's your favourite subject? I did Law at A-level and really enjoyed it :yy:
    Oh okay nice. Yeah law is pretty decent, I have a great teacher who makes it really interesting! It is a lot to learn though haha. I think my favourites are Law and English, they each have their merits. I really wish I hadn't taken RS, my teacher isn't great but it is a good subject.
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    Hi again! So I actually did do some things on my to-do list. I:
    1. Wrote a determinism answer,
    2. Did notes on 1 scene of King Lear,
    3. Made a start on youth sentencing notes and
    4. Rewrote my English Mock and gave it in

    (I also did some philosophy notes! I know, I'm proud of me too).

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    I got my coursework draft back, I need to do my final now. So for next week I'm aiming to:
    • Do final draft of coursework
    • Finish youth sentencing notes
    • Do another scene of notes for King Lear
    • Do a strict liability essay
    • Memorise naturalism ethics essays

    So thats it Byee
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    *This week I have hit a bit of a revision slump.*
    From September until now, I have been revising nearly every day, at least 6 hours each weekend if not doing as much during the week. This last week or two I've hit the revision equivalent of a writer's block - getting bad grades back from my homework (1 B, 2 C's and 1 D) and haven't studied at all, apart from 2 hours on Wednesday but none of it went into m head. I've been stressed out and irritable, so today all I've done is sleep and watch Netflix, I feel so much better! I plan on creating a flexible (FLEXIBLE!!!) revision timetable and get stuff done this half term. I'm going to finish my English coursework, rewrite those essays I got back that had bad grades and memorise at least one topic per subject.

    So, this is my action-plan!

    I am going to use these revision methods:
    - Powerpoints (for Great Expectations, Law and Religion)
    - Posters (for philosophy)
    - Flow charts (for philosophy)
    - Mindmaps (to connect themes in King Lear, and topics in RS)
    - Colour coding (assign each topic a colour, hoping the 'colour association' thing will work!)
    - Flashcards (for quotes, statistics, essay plans)
    - After learning a topic, I will do a list of questions that I will answer in each review (read below)

    I have also created a new study playlist (see link below) and intend to set aside at least one hour per subject each week for serious studying, in which my phone goes off and I have a *power-hour*.
    I will pre-prepare food/drink so I have no excuses

    In addition, I am going to:
    Do 30 mins of studying, take a 10 min break and repeat to learn a topic. If I have trouble grasping a topic I will google.doc it. I will take the dogs for a walk halfway through the study day to clear my head and I am going to review each learned topic as follows:

    1 day after learning the new information
    3 days after the first review
    7 days after the second review
    21 days after the third review
    30 days after the fourth review
    45 days after the fifth review
    60 days after the sixth review
    1 review = 20 mins

    This should make it stick in my long-term memory!
    So, that's it for now, I should update soon.

    This is the playlist link btw :
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    Today, I:
    • Typed out part one and two of my English coursework. Only part three to go!!
    • Did a homicide past paper, (20mins revision, 25 mins to write) [A grade] – link below
    • Redid my 'C+' strict liability essay to hand in after half term, hopefully, I will get a better grade!
    • Learned 1 AO2 Naturalism Essay.
    • Finished a strict liability power point (link below)

    Tomorrow, I want to:
    • Annotate and analyze 1 Poem for my AS resit exam
    • Write 1 sentencing 25 marker
    • Learn 1 AO1 Intuitionism essay
    • Start a sentencing power point

    I also have an interview for a part-time job on Monday! Hopefully, if I get it I can balance it with my studies. I've also got extra RS tuition every second Wednesday starting next week, hopefully it goes well! I really want to raise my grade. I am fairly certain that if I continue to work hard I will get an A in law and a B in English. If I can get an A in RS that would be amazing but I'm not expecting to.:o:S
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