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    I'm looking for completely honest opinions about self harm scars and what you would do if you saw someone with them. 5/6 years ago I self harmed badly due to a bad relationship mostly on my left forearm. there's probably over 200 scars on my arm and although they are healed and white a lot of them are very raised and obvious. I have not self harmed since and am a very happy 22 year old now however I am extremely self conscious of my arm. it affects my day to day life especially in the summer because I feel they just change people's opinions of me.

    so yeah being 100% honest how would you react if you saw someone with scars on their arm like me? would you say something? I think this is what worries me the most is someone actually bringing it up or staring at my arm as it just makes me really uncomfortable. would it put you off befriending that person and would it make you uncomfortable? I appreciate any feedback!

    Youve been through a horrible experience in obtaining said scars… now that you’re happy and you’re ‘better’ after whatever horrible things were happening in your life back then… so now those things are over leave it completely behind you. Accept that the scars are a part of you and move on, be proud!!

    However, if the scars upset you by being there have you tried treatments such as vio-oil? I’ve heard it works brilliantly?
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    Honestly I've never had a negative reaction to my scars, if they're faded many people won't notice and even if they do the majority will just move on, if you don't mention it they won't either. The only exception is that I wear long sleeves when I first meet people so they know me, then I think they won't change their judgement because of scars later.

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    I have around 200 on my left forearm too and apart from 2 slip ups I haven't s/hed in 7 years.

    I tried bio oil and specialist scar serum stuff which helped a little but the best thing I've done to reduce their appear and is laser surgery on them. I had to give up after 3 sessions as the dermatologist left town but the spot where it was done looks so so so much better. I paid $100 a session and would have needed about 15 probably. But I figured that would have been a small price to pay for the effect it was having. I don't know if it'd be available on the NHS.

    I find adults don't tend to often ask questions usually it's kids so I say to "try not to pet tigers" My lab partner in first year asked, I think out of shock, so I told her I fell through a glass window and she seemed to accept that (or at least realized and didn't push me further).
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