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    So i went on a night out for the first time in 8 months with my sister. Whilst we was out we met up with my mums work friend who had wanted to meet up for quite a while.

    My sister went home and we both went back to his drunk and had sex.

    When i next woke up, i was laid on my front and he was on top of me already inside having sex with me, without protection.

    I really dont feel happy with this and i havent done since its happened.. i dont know why i feel sick but i didnt say no or anything i just laid there and waited for him to stop. I just didnt really know what to do or say and i feel like maybe im just being too sensitive about it all.

    I mean the night before even though i was drunk, i gave consent - we both knew what was going to happen. But its the fact that i feel like i was violated and my consent didnt really matter anyway.

    I dont know where to stand with this one because because i feel like rape is an extreme label for this situation because i didnt say yes but then i didnt say no.

    "When i next woke up, i was laid on my front and he was on top of me already inside having sex with me, without protection."

    You were raped. What he did was illegal and totally out of order.

    I hate men like him.

    Am I right in thinking that what happened was:

    1, you go back to his, both drunk, both consent.. have sex, go to sleep

    2, you wake up, and he is having sex with you again, as you were passed out/asleep

    is that what happened?

    if so, then for me 1 is not rape, 2 is rape.
    1 is to consenting adults having a stupid time whilst drunk
    2, is a guy taking advantage of a girl who is not awake/concious enough to do anything.
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