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How to get over boyfriend cheating/moving on? watch

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    Yesterday I found out my boyfriend has been chatting to another girl and there was something going on between them at their school, she confronted me about why I was so obsessed with him in a jealous rage because he'd told her he didn't know me and she started fighting with me, saying why do I keep messaging him and I said I was his girlfriend, she didn't believe me and started ****ging me off while he said nothing and acted like he didn't know me.
    It is so heart breaking, I never thought this would happen to me. He hasn't contacted me since me and that girl's argument to explain things so I will get no closure. and she has his account so they're basically a couple.. and we'd been going out for a very long time.

    I am so empty, this all happened yesterday and not only am I emotionally broken but I physically feel pain in my heart and I'm constantly nervous, my stomach has been going crazy. I can't take my mind off it for one second, the whole thing keeps repeating itself in my head. I couldn't focus in class today, I was almost crying trying to swallow back tears and on the way back from school, I can't sleep, and the memories won't go away - not even for a minute.

    The worst part is at night or when I'm at home where I have to think about. I don't feel like watching anything, talking to anyone, because it feels like too much effort and I can't focus on anything. What can I do to get over him? Distract myself somehow? Like how can I distract myself even when I'm at home? I'm 17 , I've talked to my mum about it and she helps but I just can't stop thinking about it, I'm incredibly depressed. I have a constant pain.
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    Hiya Hun I know how you feel I’ve been cheated on by two different guys one when I was 14 the other when I was 17 it’s hard to move on from it and it’s still fresh in your mind but you slowly start thinking about other things and it starts to go away maybe try getting rid of anything you have that is his or reminds you of him and try picking up a hobby like dancing, drawing stuff like that so that you can let your emotions out that way instead of building it up hope this helps xxx
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    Hiya Hun I’ve been cheated on by two different guys so I know how you feel it’s hard to move on as it is still quite fresh maybe try and get rid of anything you have of his or reminds you of him and maybe pick up a hobby like dancing or drawing stuff like that so that to can let out your emotions that way instead of keeping them in. Hope this helps Hun xxx
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    I found out on Tuesday morning that my boyfriend had been chatting to another girl and even told her that she loved him. I’m in exactly the same situation as you I just don’t know what to do with myself to take my mind off it and move on. School has been so difficult the past two days I just hope it gets better soon.
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    So you've found out he's untrustworthy. Well aren't you lucky you did now, before you got in deeper - perhaps married him or had a baby together. He'd still be seeing other girls then you know when you really did need him to help you. In my experience once a cheat always a cheat. Can you imagine what sort of husband he'd make ... or father? You've not only saved yourself but also any children you might have had.

    I think this sort of pain is also a deep disappointment that some one you thought you knew, loved, trusted has proved not to be the person you hoped he was.

    I think you are now feeling that loss of the person you hoped he was ---- BUT he wasn't the person you thought he was, you loved someone who didn't exist.

    Make a list of all the things he has done wrong, all the reasons why you are now mourning him - he's cheated on you, he's lied to you, you can't ever trust him again, you'd never be able to rely on him, if you were in trouble he wouldn't help you, you'd always be wondering where he was and who he was with, he obviously is a complete horror. Soon you'll be feeling sorry for the poor girl he's now with, not feeling envious of her. She's got a lot of grief coming her way.

    Do NOT ever under any circumstances take him back - when he's ditched by his current girl, he'll no doubt have the nerve to try it on with you. He'll lie of course, pretend he loves you but you'll only be a fall back while he finds some one else to add to his harem. ( I doubt whether you and the girl you met are the only ones he's in touch with btw.) If you let him he'll be stringing you along for years and years.

    You need to put distance between you - go away somewhere / anywhere if you can, time is the great healer but putting geographical distance between you is as good. If you can't go far, go out into the countryside or a new part of your town or city. Do not go anywhere where you might see him. Burn anything you have which will remind you of him.
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