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my dad is annoyed about parents evening watch

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    i had a parents evening tonight and my dad went but i didn’t (cause i had work to do) and he came home really pissed off because i got a 4 in one subject and a 6 in maths and a few homework comments, but in school none of it has been enough to trigger attention from pastoral support- i haven’t been placed in any homework detentions of any kind. and the 4 was because at the time of my mock exam, we hadn’t studied any theory that year, because we had spent 90% of our lessons doing a controlled assessment. and i’ve tried explaining to him that i am almost guaranteed to improve my grades across all subjects. it’s not like i failed any of my mocks but he just doesn’t want to listen to what i have to say and it’s really bugging me. i know he wants me to do well because my older brother didn’t do well in his gcse’s but the reality is that the new course is completely different and there is more pressure on exams so it’s more difficult. i don’t know what to say to him to explain and get him to understand

    I feel like with this new number system, lower numbers automatically look 'bad' but its not the case. I was in the first year to sit the new exams and went from a 4 in maths to a 7 and a 6 in English to a 9 on results day. It could but your school marks harshly, as I think mine did.
    But remember a 4 is a C in letters. It's a pass, and perfectly respectable.
    Like you said, you had coursework taking up a lot of your time which might have led to it. And you did NOT fail!
    If you are worried or if he is not convinced, see if you can ask the subject teacher that you got the 4 in to give a reference on how you're doing - because I'm sure you're doing fine - and that might help.
    But like i said this new number system is so bad. You got a C and you should be proud

    it could be**

    I remember my GCSE parents evening, it wasn't great, but by no means was it bad I was still predicted to pass every subject with no problem (which I did) but they said stuff like; "you could pay little more attention in lessons" or "Homework could be done to a better standard". When my dad heard these minor things, he flew off the handle at me when I got back home. He made me miserable for a good few weeks for something so petty. I never really knew what to do then, so I just had to ignore him, and serve my 6 month ban of my Xbox and study . Sorry to hear others are in a similar situation to one i was/am in. When dads have an attitude like yours, it's always really tough.
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