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What does one even do in this scenario watch

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    So I did something yesterday that had pretty mixed opinions and despite most of them validating my action; curious for some other views. When you turn into my road it's got bays along the left that narrow the road, if cars park there, you essentially get a blind corner, you can't see anything coming up - anything pulling out of the side roads cannot see you. On the corner itself is a set of pedestrian lights. I've turned in, moving slowly, a Peugeot has come out one of the side streets, bearing in mind now I can see the front of his car, but he cannot see me.

    I've braked (probably a bit harder than necessary, however in front of me on the side of the road in between two cars is a mother, her kid, and another woman with her kid), remember at this point the Peugeot can see me, but he can't see them. I've gone, she's suddenly made a dash for the road, I've had to slam brakes again, then try again. I didn't let her go because she couldn't see the Peugeot (I think), and therefore her assumption is I stopped for her (which would make no real sense especially the way I braked), if she cannot see that Peugeot, he cannot see her, and if she can see it, he probably still can't see her. What I didn't want was a situation where he now thinks I've let him out and will attempt to go onto the road at the same time she attempts to cross (as there was a van in front of her, she would almost certainly be walking into the path of the Peugeot)

    Picture of said road.

    There is dashcam footage available, but I'd rather PM it if requested because in the video itself I'm being a bit of a hot-tempered tool (I should really turn the microphone off) :P
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    (Original post by nevershear)
    So I did something yesterday that had pretty mixed opinions and despite most of them validating my action; curious for some other views. :P
    It's up to you to be aware of all the hazards and obstacles and be prepared to avoid escalating into a dangerous situation - which you have tried to do.

    The side road (service access) has two main hazards, not least of which is the dangerously parked car too close to the exit and blocking the view of traffic emerging onto the busier street. In this situation you must be prepared to stop even though you have the right of way. It's common sense, otherwise the blind emerging cars can pull into your path and a potential collision. There is also the use of horns; to alert other road users to your presence - although sadly, using it is now seen as doing so in anger.

    If you are at all unsure of other road users intentions, stop. Let the others make their own decision. The emerging driver will likely pull out. But do not signal him - just wait. Anything he does is at his own risk.

    As far as the pedestrians are concerned, they should not be emerging from between parked cars. Doing so is putting their own lives at risk. There is a Pelican crossing and it's not your responsibility if they do not use it (laziness on their own part). Again, you must still be aware that this may happen and try and avoid escalating. It's complicated because the pedestrians have not paid full attention to the hazards, other road users or the danger they have put themselves and their children in.

    Given the full circumstances, with prior knowledge of the hazards (you live on the street), I would always slow to a crawl when turning into Waye Avenue and be alert for both sets of hazards, stopping as you have done so and waited for both. Whatever they did from then on is not your responsibility and you cannot be held liable for their actions.

    The key thing here is patience. You have right of way, but you need to be prepared for the idiocy of other road users.

    In my opinion, exercising patience and awareness is all that is required. Do not let yourself get wound up by other peoples ignorance. These traits are the mark of a good mature driver. Anything others do is their own problem.
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    PRSOM Uber, cheers. Yeah I've seen people take some dangerous turns into that road, I've always slowed to around 10 or less (even though it's a 30) and gone into first because 9 times out of 10 you're turning into that road blind, in fact every turn in that road is blind most of the time (it's goes into a T which makes up a ring road down the end) I've had people pull out in front of me from the service access before (and assuming it's done slowly, they aren't left with a lot of choice other than to creep forward in a lot of cases as they can't see) so I'm pretty used to exercising caution there (along with being a passenger in my Dad's car prior to passing also helping). There's a hotel being built nearby which is insanity, what this town needs is either a car park, or new build flat blocks with parking. We already have a Travelodge, a Premier Inn, a Hilton Doubletree, two Radissons, a Sheraton, a Marriott and an IBIS...
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