What kind of marks do I need to get in A2 to get an A* in CIE A Level Physics? Watch

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I recently got an 89% percentage uniform mark in my CIE AS Level Physics. Most of my teachers advised me to focus on A2 Physics rather than retaking. What kind of marks would I need to get in P4 and P5 to get an A* overall?
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No idea, but your teachers should have access to this data. Ask them, or scour the internet to see if you can find mark schemes. I believe the grade boundaries are on there. At least, they used to be (or in a similar document) years ago.

From what I remember - and things may well be different now - paper 5 was very scoring and there was not a lot of variation to it. If I'm not mistaken, the same went for the other "practical", paper 3.

Paper 4 also had a few questions that would repeat every so often. One I vaguely recall was Milikan's oil drop experiment and one had to do a simple derivation of the formula. That one was worth 8 marks or so. Make sure you do a few practice papers and see what types of questions you're having trouble with and work hard on fixing your hang ups.

If there are things you don't understand, or you don't see yourself having the time to properly learn it before exam time, just memorise the answer in the mark scheme. On that note, you literally aren't obligated to write anything more than what the mark scheme specifies (as far as I'm aware), so if you get in the habit of answering your questions that way, you'll be saving yourself a bit of time.

It's easy to make algebra or arithmetic mistakes, and having a few minutes to spare to closely review your questions could well bump you up a letter grade.

And yeah, I wouldn't bother with retaking the AS. Focus on your A2. There's only two exam sessions per year for CIE (or at least, that was the case in my day, lol) and writing both AS and A2 parts in one go is a real pain. I didn't have the option of taking the AS and A2 parts separately, and by the time my last paper came along, I'd been long burnt out. I'd been getting lows 1 or high 2s in my paper 1 practice tests but walked out with a 4. Had I done the AS and A2 parts separately, it would've been more manageable. So if you're really set on retaking, only do so if you're confident you can handle it.

Anyway, do your best and good luck. You sound like a good student and you'll likely do well no matter which uni you end up at. Just focus on the things you can actually control and whatever will happen will. Losing all hope is freedom. :P

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