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betfair trading vs matched betting watch


    (Original post by snowman77)
    I've heard of both those. The first one doesn't work because of people at the track/those with ultra-fast data feeds and the second one doesn't work because it's too easy for big traders to manipulate the market to make it appear like big money is coming in for a horse, when it's actually not.

    I've heard caanberry and peter webb say many times that each market requires a different strategy and don't try to trade every race. What strategies are needed for the different types of horse races and which races should you avoid trading?
    the fastest stream i believe is RUK, it gives you a 2 second delay. the track siders will take whatever is available first so you have to take the left overs or take from those who are using a slower stream than you.

    There is no certain way to tell however manipulations are often very obvious. if a 4 figure stake gets dump on a low grade race you know its deliberately done to scare the money into heading one way. On a high quality Saturday race 4 figure can be the higher end of a normal stake.
    Ideally (from the words of Caan and PW, not mine) , genuine money looks more like small, consistent money coming into the market over a period of time and immediately taking up the currently available price. I dont fully understand what that means. For me i wait till the previous race ends and money starts pouring into the current market and i observe during this period of time which way the money is pushing the price towards, and i trade with that direction bias.

    They say dont trade every race because opportunity does not exists in all races. In some races there simply isnt a clear direction, so the price just oscillate randomly with no aim. In this case you can try mean reversion trading but you need to spot the support and resistance level.

    The race i definitely wont touch is irish racing and some of the really low grade/class races.
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