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    am i gona fail?
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    Starting later than tomorrow is worse🤷*♀️
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    so its possible to revise in 3 months?
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    Stop procrastinating and start revising now, make it an all nighter if you have too. Dont be a failure, you will regret it. If you think its impossible for you to do so, you better start looking into extenuating circumstances and come up with a good excuse😂

    Some revision is better than no revision, so there's that. Whether or not it's "too late" depends on too much so don't worry about it and just get **** done.

    for what? A Levels or GCSE's?

    If it's GCSE's I can't help you too much cos' I did mine pre-reform (2015), but for A Levels? probs not.

    My exams were in mid June, so if the same is true for you, that's 4 whole months you have to prep. I didn't even start revising Bio (for one of the hardest exam boards going, WJEC Eduqas) until 3 nights before and came out with a B.

    The important thing isn't time so much at this point, more so how effectively you use it.

    Are you consolidating knowledge and exercising that knowledge in practice papers/questions? (don't exhaust all your past papers in Feb btw)
    Are you honing in on your exam technique, checking to see how examiners want to see their answered laid out?
    Are you reading examiners reports, which are vastly underrated and offer you insight as to how to improve upon answers where your predecessors fell?

    The time is definitely there, but time alone will do jack sh*t for your exam chances.

    Also, one last thing that I wish people had told me before my exams - your mentality is just as important as the practice you put in. Sounds bare obvious, but, anxiety + stress is infinitely worse than a lack of prep imo, because it robs you of all the effort you put in.

    Think about being in the exam hall and coming up against a 2 mark question that you have no clue how to answer - then seeing a 5 mark question that needs the answer to that 2 mark question to get the full marks - are you going to crumble?

    Is the rest of the paper going to be brought down as well?

    How are you going to cope with being in an exam position whereby you're struggling - if you stay calm, you've got a cracking chance of still doing well. Focus on your anti-anxiety mechanisms; breathe, remember, inside the exam hall, it's YOU who's in control, everything's in your hands, think of it as an opportunity rather than a daunting prospect - you'll smash it.

    EDIT; I forgot to skeet.

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