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    I have psychology exams in almost 10 weeks Paper 1 (Memories, Attachment and social Influence) and Paper 2 (Psychopathology, Approaches and Research Methods)
    I recently got Es in my mock exams I am absolutely scared and I really wish to get at least a B or a even a C...... what is the best way to memorise and revise for it in the space of 10 weeks.

    So far I have made flashcards, mind maps and I even made a timetable (I haven't been sticking to the timetable so thats kind of bad)

    Hey Well, personally I think that each person must find their most suitable way of memorising information. For example, I highlight everything I feel is important (in psychology (eg) I usually highlight definition, evaluation and some studies they made to prove or challenge the theory) and then I memorise it by heart.... however, to revise I would recommend you to do past papers... I knew all my research methods; however, I didn't know how to answer the questions and I got a D... so yeah, practice your exam technique Good luck!
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    Learn evaluation points that can be applied to most essays. A lot of marks are A02.

    I made this for my students: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1nxjny6ppf...psych.pdf?dl=0

    Follow my Twitter for more handy revision and Psych support.

    Something I found really helpful for psychology was, I'd make an info sheet or mind map of all the important parts of a study or theory. I'd then do normal revision (e.g. flash cards) for a while and a day or two before the test I'd try and recreate the info sheet from memory. I'd then compare them to see what I actually know and what I need to revise in more detail. It doesn't matter if you miss a detail or two but as long as you know it in good enough detail you'll be fine! I've found this a very helpful method for psychology alongside flash cards, notes and mind maps.

    Hope I've helped and anymore questions, just ask.

    There are some YouTube revision videos that are good ways to revise! They go over the whole exam in like 20 mins so are but good if you can remember and then expand on in the exam! Or get someone in your family to test you? You can do it!
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