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    I have had oral sex with around 4 people before going out with my girlfriend, these where a mix of men and women as i tried to "find myself" i experimented and only tried oral, however, I never let anyone *** in my mouth, the only thing that went in was precum, if i ever tasted this i immediatly stopped sucking/doing what i had been doing,
    I have now shown sypmtoms over the last year, I hadnt realised but it was only once reading online this week i managed to tick a number of them the list inludes,

    Diarrhoea - this has been off and on, i havent lost any weight, ive actually gained weight but i can have loose motions 15-40 mins after eating, its not a certain kind of food it can be any food,

    I have had a couple of nightsweats and been told recently i have been hot or sticky while sleeping at times by my girlfriend,

    I have had a cough for around 6 months which i have just went to the doctor ab0ut and been given an inhaler for asthma, which has reduced the cough and the harshness of it,

    I have had 4 verrucas in the last 6 months, i can remember having a couple of these at varies points and a couple of the 4 have been there for a few years however i didnt think they were verrucas,

    I have had a skin irritation, no rash but skin feels as if it has been burnt and is peeling, i did change shower gel this week and only this week has the skin irritation come, I have changed again and used itching reducing cream and antihistamine tablets and this has also reduced the itching. its stil there but not as bad, still no rash.

    I have also had small hard spots in my nose, If these are picked at they bleed and then crust over, they arent espcially sore and have appeared a few times over the year,

    All of these i have read are HIV indicators,

    I am looking for someone to tell me am i being irrational and overlooking everything? i am going for an instant HIV test result tomorrow afternoon, I cant really concentrate and have lost my appetite recently due to worrying, I have also been suffering from odd bouts of anxiety due to worrying, I feel like i am struggling to breath and then have to take deep breaths to try and get air in,

    I feel like i will go tomorrow and be tested positive, I dont know how i am going to explain to my girlfriend or family. I feel ashamed and also guilty, I play over how stupid i have been by not being safe, and happily meeting people that i dont really know well,

    I have been stupid and feel i have lost all rational thinking, I dont know what i will do tomorrow, I have resigned myself to the test being positive, I have actually ruined my life.

    Can someone help, does this sound as if it could be HIV? or have i let my mind run riot? I am not really looking for people to say how stupid i have been i am looking for good advise or for someone to put down something rational, I think my sleep has went out the window tonight,
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    I would bet everything I have that you're not HIV+ because you're much more at risk from being struck by lightning on the way to the test than from getting HIV from that.

    It's likely that none of the one, two, or three men you sucked are HIV+. Even one or more was, it's likely that they're being treated for it in a way that means they can't transmit it to anyone else. Even if they had untreated HIV, without ejaculation in your mouth it's not going to happen. And even if someone with untreated HIV had come in your mouth, the risk is less than one in ten thousand and may well be nil.

    Oh, and even if the women you went down on were HIV+, you're not going to get HIV that way, even if any of them were having their period.

    Everyone has their own place on the risk-reward scale, but you could go down on the entire readership of TSR and not get HIV.

    In contrast, it is possible (but not particularly likely) that you might have ended up with something like chlamydia in your throat, so you might want to go to a sexual health clinic and get a throat swab.

    Your cough is improving, get the verrucas treated (as with any other warts, they can hang around no matter whether they're cut / frozen / have a mild acid applied, but they will go) and I suspect looking at your diet plus the relief of a HIV- result will help with the tummy stuff...
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