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    I have been a fan of sims for as long as I remember starting with The Sims 1, all the way up to the current Sims 4, including expansion packs etc. But recently I’ve read quite a lot of bad reviews about Sims 4. I can understand a couple of reasons why there is a lot of bad reviews about the Sims 4, specifically those about how there isn’t a open world platform like there was in the previous Sims 3 games & also how the Sims 4 gets boring after a while. As for me, I can’t say anything negative about the Sims 4. The only thing I could possibly say is I agree about the open world platform. But other than that I love it. I love the create a sim and how the graphics are a lot more improved than in previous games. The building tool is brilliant (with the exception of not having a create a style tool). I just thought I’d write this to see what else everyone thought about the Sims 4.
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    Firstly, I'd like to say that I've been a fan of The Sims ever since I was young. My favourite was the Sims 2, but I really really loved them Sims 3 too. When I heard that The Sims 4 was coming out, I was very excited, but when I actually started playing the game, I was disappointed.

    I also think that the best part of The Sims 4 is create a sim. I love the way you can customise your sims as much as you want. I was shocked by the fact that you could even customise the sims ears! I loved building, as well. Good graphics, no lag.

    However, I feel like there are so many cons, as opposed to pros. I hate that there is no story progression. If I play one specific family for a long time, everyone else in the world practically dies out, and they don't have children. To fix that problem, I got MC command centre. But think about it: This is the Sims 4. There shouldn't really be a need for mods that fix or improve gameplay. Secondly, I feel like there's a lack of challenges. In The Sims 3, there were challenges, which made me play for hours and hours. In the Sims 4, I do the exact same thing each time: Make a little family, get a sim married off, have a child or two and that is it. The fact that initially, the Sims 4 didn't have things in the base game that even The Sims 2 had. For example, pools and toddlers.

    I really like the concepts of the expansion/stuff packs, especially with dine out, cats and dogs, the holiday one, parenthood, city living, etc. But I feel like no matter how many stuff packs and expansion packs are added, It won't change much. I just find The Sims 4 to be a very boring game.

    I think there are some expansions/updated that should definitely be added =
    University life
    Height differences between elders, teens, young adults/adults, etc.
    Going to school with kids/teens.

    On top of that, I feel like some little things should be added as well. For example, in The Sims 3, your sim could become prom queen/king and you could plan their outfit for them. I just wish some of these little additions were made for The Sims 4.

    One thing that I am very happy with is the latest update. New skin tones (especially darker) have been introduced. I think this is amazing.

    when I first got Sims 4 I was super excited and I just played it all the time after about 2 weeks I got bored and started to realize its overrated I mean I do love sims I have been a huge fan it's just its quite repetitive and I completely forgot that I even had it on my laptop until I saw this. Nowadays we have got new games and everyone has forgotten about it. The graphics on sims 4 is excellent and as u said the building tool is brilliant. Sims is a bit like a plant, at the start you get super hyped and like promise to water it then over time you forget about it (well I do lol) well that's my opinion so please no hate lol

    I haven't played The Sims 3 nor 4 but can't overcome the impression that it becomes something like Second Life now. What do you think?
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