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    Grow Your Grades: Update 08 <28/02/18 - 01/03/18>

    Wednesday 28th February

    Hi, before you all start thinking "wait, didn't those days in between the last update just magically vanish?", just let me explain...
    I've essentially been very inactive and that lack of effort has resulted in me missing a few updates, as I can't properly recall the days contents I'm just skipping over them.

    I woke up at the usual hour 07:00 am, it was pretty normal when I looked outside, not much snow - just a couple of centimetres. My sister and I walked to my bus stop, expecting a normal day of school. In reality, after standing in the cold for 15m, we got a message saying that School was cancelled. Couldn't hide my joy of hearing this, I've been waiting for one of these days for a loooooooong time. Anyways, I rushed home thinking that I could catch up on some sleep, unfortunately, I was unable to get back to sleep so I turned on my laptop and began grinding out a game. Before I knew it, the morning faded into the afternoon. I realised I had to do something productive so I made an effort to start studying. Yet again, something happened, I got bribed into doing my mum's homework (she's in college) for her, so I spent a few hours typing up a 24-page piece of homework for her - I wish I was this productive with my own homework...

    Following this, I played some more games until the early hours of the morning, where I fell asleep - happy at the prospect of another day off of school.

    Thursday 1st March 2018

    Wow... When I woke up this morning and looked outside, everything was covered in a sheet of snow that went up to my waist at points - I'm 5'7" - I have to say that I was pretty surprised. Anyways, I had the best sleep I've had in a long time, so I decided to make a start on some studying. For around an hour or so, I began making Flashcards to help myself keep easy-to-use notes that I have been thinking about all week! After this, I had a small sandwich for breakfast before re-assuming my study.

    Once it got to around 1 pm, I got a few calls from my friends - wanting to go outside. I decided that I'd been antisocial enough these few days so I decided to meet them. They live around 2 miles away from me, so it took me a little while to walk there, especially while trying to stop myself falling in the snow! Anyways, we spent some time walking around throwing snowballs and almost falling over. Afterwards, most of the shops were closed so I went home pretty early - it took around another hour to walk home in the snow. Gotta say that when the snow and wind pair up, they are pretty annoying to walk against...

    Currently, I'm sitting at my laptop, about to play some more games for the majority of the night. However, I'm setting myself the challenge of studying for around 6 hours tomorrow - around the duration of a school day - so that I don't slip behind my studies. However, the plus side is that I can listen to music and wear my own clothes - what a great idea!

    So, if anyone has any good problems in maths or questions for the sciences/program ideas (bearing in mind my level) I'm open to being challenged!

    Hope you've all had a good weekend - also, here's a short clip of a better part of the journey to my friends' house!

    - Kathleen

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    You've definitely had a more productive snow day than me!!
    I've literally done nothing ahaha!!

    I have to go back tomorrow
    I really admire your motivation to study even on snow days!!

    Hope you get lots of work done tomorrow!! YOU CAN DO THISSSS!!
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    Grow Your Grades: Update 09 <02/03/18 - 04/03/18>

    Friday 2nd March 2018

    Yawn..... I woke up at 1 pm today, honestly a good sleep - despite falling asleep at around 4 am! Anyways, after this lazy start, I got to work on my flashcards. I spend around 7 hours making flashcards for physics and computing - there's so much to cover! Of course, I had Teen Wolf, Shadow Hunters and Naruto on in the background - my concentration levels aren't that high... This allowed me to retain motivation as I wasn't full on tryhard studying! This took the majority of the afternoon, as I had spent the day working, I decided that once my 7 Hours were done, I'd spend the night relaxing and playing games. This ended up lasting until around 4 am in the morning... This wasn't the worst part either, following this I decided to try a cup of coffee - bitter but great! This ended up prolonging my lack of sleep until around 6:30 am, this was when I fell asleep without even realising it!

    Also, I found this picture, very very accurate!
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    Saturday 3rd March 2018

    Ouch! Waking up at around 11 am after sleeping at 6:30 am is not a good idea, this was a very slow morning, I ended up waking to the noise of people arguing with each other, honestly, I wish I could've caught up on my sleep but oh well... Today was a pretty lazy day, I ended up talking to a lot of my old friends from the internet and grinding out some games. Honestly, one of the best afternoons I've had in a while. This lack of productiveness has prompted me to hurry up and form a better study timetable! Sleeping times continued to fail as I drifted off at around 6 am...

    Sunday 4th March 2018

    I really need to do something about my sleep schedule. Who knew that a few snow days would completely knock it apart! After shaking the lack of sleep from myself, I started working on my Computing Program - my teacher challenges me to complete extra tasks as I finish work fairly quickly in classes. Got to say that this was a difficult program, it took around an hour of debugging and testing to figure out the simplest logic and execution error causes! I also decided to go out for a walk in the remains of the snow. Due to the low temperatures, most of it has frozen and the pavements are a nightmare to navigate over Eventually, I made my way home and thus continued collecting responses for my survey for my business assignment. Not too confident with my assignment, but I've got to keep working on it, the next few days are going to be fairly busy! I have taken inspiration from some servers and decides to work on a new study schedule that will work for me (hopefully)

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    Grow Your Grades: Update 10 <05/03/18 - 10/03/18>

    Monday 5th March 2018 - Saturday 10th March 2018

    So... I've done it again, been inactive, however, I have been fairly busy!

    Here are the Subject Updates:

    Looks like our teacher has decided to move onto the next topic - oh wait there aren't any left...
    We finished vectors on Friday, finally - we thought we'd have a break from so much work now, unfortunately, we were very very very wrong
    One of our teachers - the very focused one - has decided we're going to do every past paper out there... While the other - the laid back one - has given us booklets of "100 Maths Questions", which we'll be working on this week :bawling:
    On the plus side, it is good that we've finished the course - meaning we'll be well prepared for the exam!

    Edwin Morgan has officially become the person I hate the most We've just started studying the next two poems - Slate and Winter.
    Slate, first of all, had us stumped - of course, we worked through it and I actually understood it :^_^: However it did seem quite rushed, we haven't even practised Slate Questions yet...
    Winter, well I don't have much to say about this weird poem. Possibly even weirder than Slate... We had to work in groups to describe a section of the poem, in mine - it wasn't the best group of people - we had both annoying and sarcastic people, what a great mix...
    One of them said that girls were inferior to guys, so I told them they could work on the section themselves as they were soo "superior", suddenly they didn't seem so cocky :closedeyes:
    Anyways, I worked on it fairly independently and got a good response from the teacher!

    My only expression in Physics is constant confusion. I've spent the past few days listening to the teacher explaining electrical components and I've just been listening like :dontknow:
    We've covered Light Dependent Resistors, Thermistors, Variable Resistors, Transistors and so on. Would've thought that they'd have some form of different names as remembering them all is so much effort. Anyways, I'll be spending some time revising these things!
    Best thing is that we've got this sort of Friday Lunchtime revision club of sorts - lunch passes to skip the queue is the best part! :excited:

    Finally back to the normal course - goodbye Learning Outcome 1!!! We've resumed the booklet and worked through variations of battery types, REDOX equations in depth and some other questions.
    The funniest thing was the fact that our teacher gave us a sheet of basic questions - me and my friend had some problems working through these questions but eventually got 70% right. Then, she gives out some "advanced questions" and these were soo much easier than the original sheet - logic! :facepalm:

    Business Management:
    Assignment, Assignment, Assignment.
    We've spent the majority of the week working on our Assignments and being nagged to finish them off for next week. I'd say that mine is of a good quality, I had to lower the wordcount of mine from 2,307 to around 1,300 words... It took a bit of time but I'm finally happy with my own work (rarely happens).
    We're supposed to print them out on Monday - however my Computing Practical Assessment is on Monday - though he should be aware of this... :hmmm:

    Computing Science:
    Eyyy, welcome back to my favourite subject by far. We've spent the whole week and a half doing practise practical tasks. It's the best to be on the computers and working on programs, databases and web pages!
    We completed two full practical tasks - I scored 50/50 and 47/50 - so I'm altogether happy with my results! :grin:
    However, Monday and Tuesday are going to be some stressful days and I'm hoping that all goes well, I'd say I'm a very capable student, however I have a tendency to fix the inefficient sections of code - not following the program design - and lose marks.
    I suppose we'll see what happens!

    Wow, I've already completed all of my subject homework - just got the weekend to revise computing stuff now!
    So, of course, I end up playing games and listening to music - world's most productive person here (not) :mute:

    Anyways, at around 15:45, I left the house to go to a friends party - first in a while tbh - it was a trampoline party. Honestly so much better than I expected, considering we were 15/16 years old, and there were a bunch of 10-year-olds there...
    Surprisingly, it's a great form of exercise - so tiring being there for a couple of hours.

    Right now, I'm debating on playing some more games or studying - probably going to play games tonight and full-on study all of Sunday. I hope... :crossedf:

    Thanks for reading!

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