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Is my English teacher being unfair or is it my fault watch

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    We're about 6 weeks into 2018. I was fine week 1, then week 2/3 I was off college with flu, week 4 I had a throat thing that required hospitalisation so I missed 3/5 days, week 5 I damaged my knee and was told to rest rather than going in to college, and this last week I've been playing catch up at college.
    I have 2 teachers - one for English, and one for Media and Film.

    The Film/Media teacher has been great about it, he's been telling me that I can take all the time I need to get better and he can email me assignments and he doesn't want me coming in when I'm ill and potentially getting worse and missing even more time, and I shouldn't stress, just try and keep up and be sure to email him with any questions.

    The English teacher is a completely different story. Whenever I emailed saying "I'm sorry but I'm ill and have been specifically told not to come in by a doctor because I'm so ill so if you have time can you please let me know what pages you covered in the booklet today?" she'd say "okay" and then not reply telling me. I kept in contact with my friend in that class who told me what pages were covered so I did my best to keep in time with everyone else, but she also said there were handouts. I emailed the teacher again asking her if she had document versions of them she could send me, and she sent me one the whole week when there were actually 3. My friend had to scan hers and send them over!
    Before the Christmas holiday she said she'd tell us how to do this poster that was meant to be a companion piece to our coursework - what it was and how to do it - in the new year. I missed the lesson, where she also set her own internal deadline for the poster a week from then.
    My friend also missed this lesson so she couldn't tell me and no one told her, and so neither of us knew about it until this week - deadline day. We went to her before the lesson and asked her how we were meant to do our posters and if she could email us the powerpoint she apparently used since we missed the lesson and could we have some time to do our posters and she gave us until 9:00 the next morning and said, clearly irritated, that we should already know this and started the lesson.
    I had to go back to the hospital that night to make sure I was getting better and that my leg was healing properly (which I told her about) so I didn't get in the house until gone 9 o'clock. Then I had to eat in order to take my meds, and I hadn't had a shower in a few days, so by the time I sat down to work it was just after 10 o'clock at night. My laptop was broken, but I had a paper copy of my coursework so I handwrote the poster, and I worked as hard as I could until I passed out at my desk around 3 am. I wasn't happy with what I'd done but she said she needed a draft at least so I handed it in. She refused to even look at it since it was done by hand. I had to ask her if I could give it to her at the end of the day, and she gave me until the end of lunch, so I spent my break and lunch redoing the poster on a school computer, which I then emailed to her since I left my student card at home. She said that it wasn't my poster it was a "link to the poster" and she wanted a paper copy. I then paid out for a new student card (£5!), printed it off, walked to her office to hand deliver it to her (with bad leg) and she said thanks and went off to teach her next class.
    Is this me???? Is she being perfectly reasonable and I just can't see it, because this feels to me like she's just being unhelpful.
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    To be honest your teacher is kind of in the wrong here .If I was you I would escalate this issue to some one higher .
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