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    Hey. Does anyone have any revision tips because Im Finding it hard to revise
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    If you’re struggling, I’d recommend starting revision early so you can identify the topics you’re most stuck on. Talk to your teachers about lists of learning intentions - lots of teachers like doing the traffic light thing where you say if you are confident or not. If you know your weakest areas, go and talk to your teachers. Ask them questions or to go over a certain topic. Find out if there are any revision classes after school or at lunch.

    In terms of revision, I would highly recommend flashcards:

    1) make summary cards - you will find yourself only writing important info for each topic as you only have a small card to fit it all on. Highlight definitions and examples in different colours - or any other category. It helps to imagine you are making a cheatsheet for the exam. Look over these cards before you go in.

    2) make definition cards - for a lot of definitions write the word on one side and definition on the other. When working through them and questioning yourself, you want to make two piles: one of definitions you get wrong and one of definitions you get write. When you finish the pack, pick up the pile you got wrong and repeat the process. Hopefully more cards will end up in the correct pile. Just repeat until you get them all correct.

    3) make question cards - write question and answer, and use the same technique as for definition cards - a correct and incorrect pile, repeating the incorrect ones.

    PASTPAPER QUESTIONS - get an idea of the questions that come up again and again.
    When marking, grab an extra sheet of paper and write the correct answer for any definition or explanation you got wrong. This will effectively give you a page of things you don’t know yet or need to go over.

    To focus - make sure all distractions are out the way. I put my phone in a drawer or leave it downstairs. Make small goals, like reviewing one topic or making up a list of questions to ask your teacher. These will seem less daunting and you will be more likely to focus and just want to get them out of the way.
    Print out a calendar and make a study timetable - do a little bit of a different subject every day. You will also be able to see a bigger picture of the time you have between now and exams.

    Hope this helps
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    Thank you
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