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    Hey guys, I was wondering if you could please take a second and give me a few suggestions that could help me, Thank You
    I’m currently in a relationship, two months in. At the start, she had a crush on me, she’s was affectionate, thoughtful and prioritized me before other things.
    She had just broken up with her ex.
    Things started changing though, I. Honestly feel like I’m don’t have a girlfriend, she spends time with her friend now, doesn’t text me As often and puts me Lower than her other priorities.
    I spoke to her about it, but she is still acting this way believing that we are completely different people when we are Not and that’s starting to annoy me because it shows that she’s isn’t trying to get to know me better. I know we aren’t and people have agreed.
    The issue is, I use to love her but I’m continuously unhappy because I feel like I’m just taking care of someone not like I’m in a relationship.
    I wanted to come to a decision, I want to Ben happy, I want a change but I don’t know how to word my feelings and create a positive change wether it’s progress in this commitment or an end to it.
    Valentines day is coming up and tbh I have spent a lot of money in this person and I don’t want to Be anymore, I want to come to an outcome as soon as possible.
    People say it’s like she has a hold over me, like she’s the dominant one in the relationship and I don’t like that.
    I haven’t texted her to see of she’d text me to check on me like I always do and she’s hasn’t. I’m really not liking the way she behaves, the way she looks and thinks of me and I need help
    Please, do young guys have any suggestions 🙏🏾

    Stop being a **** and talk to her about it. You’re clearly not happy so I would say break up but people seem to have an aversion to ending unhealthy relationships so I’m saying talk to her about it and say why you’re not happy. She’s not you so don’t expect her to text you like you text her. Don’t test her either, she’ll probably fail to do whatever weird thing you decided she has to do for you to continue loving her because the reason you’re testing her is cuz she’s NOT doing this thing so what will change to make her do it???? Just break up with her you’re not happy or talk to her about your problems
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