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    Last week I went out for a cycle ride which was a little more intense than usual, as I really felt that I should push myself more.

    When cycling, I stopped before my intended finishing point, as I was feeling a little tired and I didn't want to push myself too far. About 30 seconds after stopping, My whole body feels terrible - it was a feeling I can only describe as being similar to a bad case of food poisoning or an overconsumption of alcohol. Although, I was somewhat breathless, and my heart-rate was up - it was more of an unpleasant feeling distributed across my entire body than one localised to the chest or heart.

    My immediate thought was that I may have to have an ambulance called - I thought it was possible that I may collapse and worse. I sit down, on the pavement, and after a few minutes - the pain resides, and I return to the rest of my day as if nothing had happened, having a feeling of luck that I got away with something which could have ended much worse.

    I wake up the next morning and head to uni/work. It takes an extra bit of self-motivation to get myself ready today. I feel a bit funny walking to work - as if I was hungover or done an all-nighter. I figure that I didn't get as much sleep as I ought to and that is the reason why.

    I sit at my desk and try to get work done. This is when I know something is definitely not right. There is a weird foggy/numb sensation in the upper left quadrant above my head (above the eyes). The more I try to concentrate on the work, the stranger the sensation feels. I am finding it hard to concentrate. I am not sure if this is a symptom, or a consequence of my anxiety concerning the symptoms I am now conscious of. It is a feeling of the whole left upper quadrant of my head being weaker, less sensitive and somehow less alive than the right-hand side. There are no problems with my muscle movements, speech or vision - and no startling personality changes other than myself being a lot more subdued than usual.

    I panic, leave work and go home, and hope that I can sleep the symptoms off just like a hangover, or an all-nighter without sleep. The next few days, the symptoms seem to weaken - and the more I interact with work colleagues, and concentrate on my work - the less I think about it, and the more normal I feel. However, days go by and I still don't feel right. I start to realise that this isn't something that I am going to be able to sleep-off, at least not in the short term.

    I make an appointment with the GP, but it is a few days wait. I am still waiting, and I still have no idea what the problem is. Has anyone on TSR experienced something similar? Thanks

    I think you should call the NHS helpline! They may be able to advise you and get you to see a GP out of hours this weekend to save you having to wait!
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    (Original post by Potato456)
    I think you should call the NHS helpline! They may be able to advise you and get you to see a GP out of hours this weekend to save you having to wait!
    Thanks, I will take your advice.
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