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frienship problems watch

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    okay so I have this one friend....we've known each other since we were 3. born in the same hosp. our birthdays are a day apart. when we were younger we were quite close. we never went to the same school however we always managed to stay besties. in 2014 I moved countries but then I moved back in 2015. ever since then I feel like we aren't close anymore. we don't go to the same school so I put it down to that however I always feel as though its a one sided-friendship. however when we joke around she always makes it out as though its a one sided friendship as in from her side that's how she feels(that shes the only one putting effort) . which is ironic cos that's how I feel. I feel like i'm the only one trying to keep it together. I've been feeling like this due to her 3-day late replys. i'm not on many social media accounts. ive only got one or two. when I questioned her about this(late reply) she just claims that shes not active on that social media account that's why. but in my defence I think it wouldn't take over 5 mins to check if ive messaged.it wouldn't hurt anyone. taking 5 mins of her day. (she said she would be more active just for me cos she loves me) however I cant see that .I also went through some family issues and she was ALWAYS there for me. however I feel like she doesn't need me as we are getting older cos she hardly tells me stuff. I know that some friendships you just grow out of. however we do know quite a lot (personal stuff)about each other even during our childhood. so i'm too scared to let this friendship go down the drain. and sometimes she texts while shes well 'hyped' like any friend would but most of the time its always late replys. I just don't want this almost 13 year friendship to go down the drain. please help. any advice would be great. sorry for long ass paragraph. ps: our 16th birthday is coming up next week and I dunno if its even worth me buying her some expensive gift that I usually would to show how much I appreciate her
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    I had a friendship like yours, but when we went to different secondary schools it fizzled out. Haven't spoken to her in years, and we were friends for over 10 years. Honestly it's a part of life, people come and go. Don't take it personally, it just happens. You find other people and you don't need some people as much as you did before.

    I had a friend like that for most of my time in primary school. turned out that we lost touch due to many different reasons, including me getting severely bullied when she left and her becoming anorexic, me being abused and moving in with my carers. things don't always work out between childhood friends and this is where we now stand. I haven't seen or heard from her for over a year. so don't be too disheartened. it happens to the best of us. (hope that this helps)
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