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Confused by bf/ex? watch

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    Me and my boyfriend had a massive row on Wednesday(it's now Sunday) and we didn't speak for four days until Saturday where I couldn't take it anymore and messaged him, I was planning on moving on from him but I got so upset - I was crying every day, felt extremely depressed, almost like my life was dull without him.
    I added him back on snapchat, he was all like "Why did you add me back?" to which I said I had a weak moment. I said I was very angry at him and he asked me to call him so I could have a rant which I did about Wednesday.

    Then he said for the past few days he hadn't thought of me at all, he said he'd felt way more relaxed because I wasn't stressing him out(we have minor arguments alot) and that all the arguing had made him lost feelings completely and he wanted to move on and for me to move on aswell, said I shouldn't have contacted him at all. I asked why he'd added me back if he didn't care and he said that he wanted to see what I wanted. I started crying on the phone call, I can't imagine life without him. He then said he was gonna unsave all our memories and stuff, but he didn't.

    He then started asking me if I'd do anything sexual with anyone else and when I said no he said he didn't believe me and started asking me again and again, ofc I hadn't and he said he still didn't believe me, said he didn't care even if I had but he didn't understand why i was "lying" about not doing something with someone else...i mean wtf. He asked me to block him on everything, but I didn't and he didn't block me on anything either.

    So right now, we just haven't been speaking since the phone call where he got very angry and started blaming me for why he had no feelings anymore, he's just been watching my stories on snap but not saying anything? I mean wtf, I'm not sure if he's even serious about wanting to move on since he hasn't blocked me and he was acting jealous and paranoid about me apparently "doing something" with another guy.

    What have these minor arguments been about? Please give a few examples.

    sounds almost exactly like the situation my friend is/was in (she and her BF had a big argument that same Wednesday) . and my advice would be if you are having constant arguments and can't go a week or two without arguing over something I'd move on and find someone who you might have more in common with or who you can get along with better. a relationship is like a max level friendship so it has to act like a friendship with mutual interests and personality similarities. if you are constantly having differences maybe it's just not right for you.
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    sorry you're going thru that, it sounds like your boyfriend has trust issues. did you do anything to influence that? if not, then its all him, chica, close the chapter and move on
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