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    Hello peeps!

    So i find choosing the right university to spend your next 4-5 years in is quite difficult for me.
    I know that everywhere has its cons and pros, but i would like to know about few particular things about the university of Sussex. These are:
    The safety and living standards for international students there?
    The total expenses/costs (including accommodation, food, school supplies, etc.)?

    Besides the academic qualities of the university, the safety and living standards are most crucial to me.
    I've read mixed opinions about this uni. some say it's overly expensive, high violence rate, unsocial place, unfriendly people. and other say otherwise. I've became confused, and i really want to know how is student life really is there!

    Im applying too..
    The living standards for international students is nothing different from everyone else, and I went and saw them on Saturday and they were very nice. Expenses are all different depending on the building you choose but you can see how much they all per week on the website. And other expenses are obviously whatever you decide to spend. Hope this helps

    Most of the information you want is literally on their websites, especially costs. Sussex is in a rather expensive area (not as bad as London or Edinburgh, but a bit more than average) so accommodation prices will be higher than other places for the similar conditions e.g. Surrey. Safety is a very general word, but Sussex and Brighton seem to be fine in terms of crime rates. I wouldn't worry about what other people say, but every city will have rough areas, and every uni will have someone who gets violent when drunk. I have been to both Sussex and Brighton and have never seen anything that has put me off. You won't be any safer or in any more risk than the rest of the students as an international, and there's quite a lot of security on campus, so you really shouldn't worry about safety at all unless you're going to a uni in central London.

    There's no such thing as an unsocial uni, especially campus ones like Sussex, making friends will be easy if you put the effort in. I'm an introvert and have no worries about making friends, as long as I get out of my room every once in a while and be respectful to other people, I'l make loads of friends. But if you're unsociable and don't talk to or hang out with anyone in the first few weeks, then making friends will probably get harder and harder. As a general tip for all unis, try especially hard to make friends early on whilst everyone is new to each other.

    I don't know how much money you have, so living standards are dependent on that, Swanborough and the new Student village looks amazing, but I'd definitely prefer living in cheaper housing and have more money to spend. It's kind of obvious, more money=better standard of living.
    Sounds like you haven't put enough research into this uni. Look up pricing and accommodation in detail and stop listening to what other people are telling you, maybe they have trouble making friends or got unlucky with roomates. I've visited friends who go to different unis (such as Birmingham) and student living is very similar and they all enjoy it.
Have you ever experienced racism/sexism at uni?
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