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Hi, I am registering for my ib courses now, and I was wondering if i is any help if you take the combination of HL bio and hl Psych, I am 100% sure I am going to take hl psych but am starting to feel sceptical about bio as I hear it is a really hard course and am considering changing it to SL (and moving one of my other courses to hl) Is there any correlation between the two? will it be helpful to take them together?
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Hiya! I’m a second year IB student and I take HL psych and SL bio. No overlap between the two whatsoever, sorry. Most of my friends take HL bio, and it is extremely content heavy. Even the SL course is pretty content heavy. The content itself is easy, just plenty of key terms to remember. What do you want to do at uni? HL bio isn’t worth the extra effort if you won’t be needing it. HL psych compared to SL psych ain’t too bad. With HL psych it’s just higher grade boundaries, paper 2 is twice as long and you have a paper 3, which is relatively easy. The IA for HL psych is also a bit harder than for SL.

My HLs are German, Psych and English and SLs are maths studies( did Standard for a year, dropped it as I didn’t realise I needed it at the time), bio and chemistry. I know a fair bit about most courses, so feel free to ask!

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