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    Hii, I'm in Year 11 so will be sitting my GCSE exams pretty soon.

    I think this Grow Your Grades thing is a cool idea, hence the thread. I'm planning to update it at least once a week with details of my revision/school life/whatever, but first here's the important stuff:

    October Mock Results:
    English Language: 7
    English Literature: 7
    Maths: 8
    Biology: 7
    Chemistry: 7
    Physics: 7
    Geography: 7
    French: 7
    Religious Studies: 7

    Predicted Grades:
    English Language: 8, Distinction
    English Literature: 8
    Maths: 9
    Biology: 8
    Chemistry: 8
    Physics: 8
    Geography: 8
    French: 8
    Religious Studies: 8

    After Year 11:
    I'm going to study A levels in Biology, Chemistry and Maths at sixth form. I'll also be doing an EPQ on Physics/Medical Ethics. After that, I'm hoping to study Medicine at university!

    Random Extra Stuff:
    - In my spare time I enjoy listening to music, reading and playing sports.
    - I'm quite introverted and shy, but confidence is something I'm working on.
    - I really like animals.
    - I volunteered at a school for children with disabilities over a period of six months and I really enjoyed it. I'm now currently trying to organise some work experience in a hospital and a primary school.

    Good luck! They're a very solid set of mock results and I hope you do even better in your actual GCSEs Keep working hard, it will pay off eventually!
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    (Original post by Racsoix)
    Good luck! They're a very solid set of mock results and I hope you do even better in your actual GCSEs Keep working hard, it will pay off eventually!
    Thank you!
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    Monday 12th February

    This is just going to be a post about how I revise, what I've revised so far and how I found my recent mocks (for which I get the results on the 23rd). I'll put it in spoilers because this might be a long post.

    How I revise:
    English Language:
    - Reading a lot
    - MrBruff YouTube videos
    - Exam questions

    English Literature:
    - Reading the texts
    - Mindmaps
    - Analysed quote lists
    - Exam questions

    - Exam questions

    - Notes
    - Review questions
    - Exam questions

    - Mindmaps
    - Exam questions

    - Flashcards for vocabulary
    - Duolingo
    - Exam questions

    Religious Studies:
    - Reading textbook
    - Quote lists
    - Exam questions

    What I've Revised So Far:
    - Biology Unit 1
    - Biology Unit 2
    - Biology Unit 3
    - Biology Unit 4
    - Biology Unit 5
    - Chemistry Unit 1
    - Chemistry Unit 2
    - Chemistry Unit 3
    - Chemistry Unit 4
    - Chemistry Unit 5
    - Chemistry Unit 6
    - Chemistry Unit 7
    - Physics Unit 1
    - Physics Unit 2
    - Physics Unit 3
    - Physics Unit 4
    - Geography Unit 2A
    - Geography Physical Fieldwork
    - Geography Human Fieldwork
    - Kamikaze
    - Exposure
    - Bayonet Charge
    - War Photographer
    - Poppies
    - Remains
    - Ozymandias

    Recent Mocks:
    I finished my recent mocks on Friday after a hectic two weeks of exams. Here's a subject breakdown of how I felt about them:

    English Language: English is usually my weakest subject, but I think I did quite well in these exams. The only question that I wasn't really happy with was Paper 2, Question 5 where I had to write a speech about what makes a good education and I rambled on about some irrelevant stuff.

    English Literature: In October, English Literature was my lowest percentage grade. However in these ones I feel like my answers were strong, and I'm hoping I did well.

    Maths: The papers were quite tough towards the end, but I'm pretty confident I've done well. Last time I was a few marks off a 9, and I think that'll be the case this time too.

    Biology: Quite a bit harder than the last Biology mocks, however I'm confident with the vast majority of my answers so hopefully I've done well.

    Chemistry: Paper 1 was great - I excel at quantitative stuff, which made up a lot of the paper. I'm very happy with how Chemistry went.

    Physics: It was alright. I'm quite happy with how it went, but some of the questions I felt were a bit vague so some of my answers probably aren't specific enough to be sufficient.

    Geography: Again, I found some of the questions to be a bit vague and ambiguous but I'm hoping I did decently.

    French: In October my teacher made us do the Edexcel papers which were easy. However our actual exam board is AQA, so this time we did the AQA papers - they're so much harder. I struggled with the exams and doubt I've achieved any higher than a 6. I'm not too bothered about this as it just shows that my French needs working on.

    Religious Studies: This went fine. I never really revise for it but I seem to get consistent 7s. I'm happy with how it went.

    So that's my mocks. I get the results back on the 23rd, and I'll put them in an update on this thread. I'm hoping for mostly 7s, with a couple of 8s and one or two 6s.

    Today I'm writing notes on Physics Unit 5, and making a quote list for Religious Studies Unit 1A. Then I'll probably read a bit of An Inspector Calls as I've neglected it a bit recently.

    I'm also really happy because my mum bought some Shreddies and they're actually amazing

    Hi, sounds like you're doing well. It'd be great if you could check out my gyg
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    You did so well in your mocks!!! I've also applied for biology chemistry and maths (and eenglish lit) for a level but I am planning on dropping one!

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