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    I have this view mainly because of my girlfriend who hates facial hair. I shave when ever I have hair growing back on my face, I tend to shave every 2-3 days as I do not need to shave daily, I have been shaving since 14 and I have never kept hair on my face when it grows back. . It our opinion that beards are a vicious plague and one of the most repulsive things a man can have on his face. I am extremely passionate about this issue. I am in my late 20s I am quite Baby Faced still, I can never understand why there are these studies saying women are preferring facial hair, nearly every dude is sporting this gross s*** on their faces these days. Facial hair is gross. Full stop, end of story.*Look, I know that the internet is obsessed with beardy stubbly men, but how long can this trend last can I genuinely ask what the appeal is of facial hair ?Much in the way that you care for different hair on your body (we can all agree that pubic hair is different than leg hair or armpit hair, yes?), facial hair requires a different set of care that’s hard to maintain. Do you know any one with a beard who shampoos it and washes it out? What about anyone who combs food out of it? My girlfriend always says when we eat out, rarely eat out. But when she sees the kitchen staff. If any of them have facial hair, we walk out. And we are not the only person I know who does this. The LAST thing I want is some dude's nasty gross dirty filthy disgusting facial hair falling out into my food in cooking jobs there should be a rule that says no facial hair. I mean I have brought from me from girlfriend loads of lovely wet shaving products like shaving cream after shave after balm and if I was paid to stop shaving I would not there is nothing better than a smooth clean face. I cannot understand the attraction to facial hair. How do you feel about facial hair ? Do you love it or hate it ? Let me know in the comments.
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    Not me. Love my thick beard. Probably got the best beard on here tbh, since y’all betas can only grow pubes on your faces
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    There's nothing wrong with facial hair. In fact when I see a guy hasn't shaved completely, their laziness is somewhat attractive.
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