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My teacher has been a huge influence on my life and has helped me so much over the past few months. I recently thanked her for helping me sort out my college application and for giving me the confidence to come out about my suicidal thoughts. I gave her a card and a box of chocolates to say thank you.

After my gcses I would like to say thank you to her as she has been a huge inspiration to me as she has helped me gain confidence and develop as a person.

what would be a good way to say thank you after I've finished secondary school?

Any advise would be great!
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You are so lucky to have had such an inspirational teacher. I think if you just 'google' "inspirational teacher gifts" there will be some good ideas. It is hard for anyone here to make suggestions as we don't know a budget. Personally, I think a heartfelt handwritten thank you note and if you can make a handmade gift that is usually the most special. But, if, like me, you wouldn't be good at a handmade gift then any gift that would be something you felt would be nice she'd love. Anything really, something to sit on her desk, a book of inspirational sayings, an etched crystal block - especially if you were to draw the picture or write something special to have written on the block would be nice. Or, not sure where you are located, but a handprinted (by you) piece of pottery - like a mug or plate or it you're not comfortable you could ask someone to paint something for you. She is also lucky to have such an appreciative student..... that is what teachers really love..... just knowing they made a positive difference in your life. At the end of the day just say THANK YOU and giving her a hug will mean the world!

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