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Drink spiked or drunk ? watch

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    So I’m 18 and a uni student so go out fairly regularly (once a week, sometimes a bit less). This week I was visiting home and went out with all of my home friends. I went to a pub first and had 2 small cocktails and one double vodka and then went to the club at around 10:30. The last thing I remember of the night was my friend saying let’s wait an hour before getting a drink. I then have 2 brief memories of things that I know happened like seeing a friend but I can’t quite recall. The rest of the night is completely black. So I’ll explain what people have told me. I got another drink at the bar with my best friend (who had had more to drink than me and usually gets drunk very fast but was fine) and a guy who was a friend of my boyfriends but I had never met. We I got a vodka lemonade again and apparently did a shot as well. No one is quite sure what happened next but about half an hour after that I apparently collapsed on the floor and got moved by a bouncer because my friend couldn’t wake or move me. I was then taken to the restaurant joined to the club by the bouncer and 3 members of staff where I apparently stayed passed out on the floor or a sofa (not sure) and threw up everywhere. I do have a brief memory here of the club telling me I was banned for 6 months, my boyfriend was let in to the room with my friend and they tried to rouse me but as far as I’m aware I stayed passed out and my friends parents were called as I was staying at her house. My bf carried me to the car park (again, no idea this happened I don’t even remember him being there) and apparently I was sick in her car and house and when they got me inside I passed out again on the floor. The next morning I had no memory of any of it except knowing that I had been banned from the club. I had no shoes on and was still fully clothed. My question here is does it sound like I was spiked or just had too much to drink. I usually drink a lot more and have never been sick or passed out from alcohol in my life but am wondering if I should go back to the club and ask to see cctv footage. Also side note, a guy who was with us (I didn’t know him) was also banned that night for being caught with drugs that were apparently snuck into his pocket. I just don’t know if I drank too much, it just seems like nothing compared to normal. Any response helpful please !!
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    Honestly it is hard to know - the definitive ways to find out include tests that you dip in your drink at the time to see if it's spiked or you can go to the Doctor the next day who will be able to tell you. I volunteered at University with a project that looked after drunk people on nights out and honestly when people were spiked a lot of them would wet themselves or worse, and that was what we often took to be a sign of it. I think sometimes it is tempting to think we might have been spiked when actually a load of factors play into how we react to alcohol on a given day. I'm glad you're okay though, and got home safe! Best wishes

    go the doctor's they'll test your blood and pee, probably

    drugs transmit and the end reaction might be a bad one, so dont leave it. You could be fine and then you suddenly pass out or something...

    Drink spiking with anything other than alcohol is so rare that it is borderline urban myth. In the large majority it’s simple alcohol excess.

    Also the NHS doesn’t test for drink spiking, so I wouldn’t bother booking an appointment for this purpose.
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