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    (Original post by erratic_deus)
    Accept who you are because you're beautiful!
    Don't let any text, person or authority tell you any different.
    thank you, this means a lot

    (Original post by 2002nawaf)
    thank you, this means a lot
    Your welcome! I'm also from London!

    (Original post by erratic_deus)
    Your welcome! I'm also from London!
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    (Original post by na2002)
    I totally get what you mean, but I would rather keep it as a secret forever than lose my family. I love them more than anything in my whole life.

    I'll try to come out to them this summer after I finish my gcses.

    thanx for the reply
    hey, u sure about this? isn't that too soon? I'm also a Saudi and gay (lesbian, but heyyy 👋🏽👋🏽👋🏽) and I'm not intending on coming out..ever, really. my situation is a little diff from yours, a) I still live back home, tho I'm planning to study in the uk next year (I'm a senior now), b) i'm gonna come back home after I study, c) u know what it's like here. I'd be risking my life. I'd actually..destroy my family. and whereas I know their love would instantly turn into hate the min they knew (which they never will)..I still love them. and I would never want to do that to them.

    like..is your family more western/open? cuz even the most westernised/open-minded Saudi families I know still loathe us. idk ur exact situation so I can't say. but just..don't rush it. ur waay too young. does worse come to worse u won't have a safety net.

    is it really that important for u to tell ur family? maybe I've kind of accepted my reality, but u..can still live a decent life (not even gonna say satisfying bc it's actually kind of *****y), without telling them. it's really the best for u and for them.

    u want to be able to come out to ur friends right? and u can't bc ur scared someone will rat u out at this school and it'll reach ur parents? then..just, be very careful with who u tell. make more friends outside of school, tell them. go to safe spaces for lgbt+, u know for sure they'll keep ur secret. that's for now.

    as you get older, ur goal will be to gain independence. so work hard. study hard. u don't necessarily have to move away (that'd be suspicious anyway), just live under a different roof from ur parents. as a guy, u can do this w/out getting married, really. but if u want even more protection, look into marriage of convenience. what's good about those is ur partner, a closeted les/bi/pan girl that u'd have arranged this w/ and ideally known before, would have ur back. so. yeah.

    be safe, 3arfa kl ha4a mra y5awf but if ur careful u'll be okay <3<3 xxx
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    (Original post by orderofthelotus)
    Unless that label is straight. People get their first crushes much younger than 16 on average. 16 isn’t too young to know which way you swing.
    Exactly. Straight people dont need to kiss the opposite gender to know they are straight
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