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I need advice w/ my crush (cute cashier) watch

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    Ok so, as the title states there's this reeally cute cashier at a local grocery store I often go to buy my lunch. Since the place I volunteer at is there for the past month I've been going to this shop every day, but I've noticed him just recently (the last two/three weeks) and our interactions weren't very decisive so I need advice to what to do next. To make it clear, we had only two "proper" interactions that actually aren't that much. The first time was when i first noticed him, I was in his line, he seemed bored and didn't really look the costumers in the eyes for more than a millisecond, then it was my turn and while he was beeping my chocolate croissant he looked at me once, then he did a double take and like snapped, he brightened up and, without breaking eye contact, asked me how I was to which I said I was ok and he started to say like "ah you're alright okay okay" and it seemed to me like he was fidgeting processing my croissant on the till. After I finished paying he gave me my change and it appeared to me like everything froze and we just looked at each other for a lot of seconds.
    Then the second time, I was shopping w/ my mum and (again) in his line I was, when he saw me waiting it looked like he recognised me and then at the end he said goodbye to my mum and turned to me and said bye again looking at me in the eyes (maybe it was bc I was staring at him I dunnoo)
    All of this is what it seemed to me so I don't know if maybe he was just being friendly as he has to be for good costumer service.... which is my biggest worry
    (Btw he's definitely older than me, more than 3 yrs for sure aaa and I'm afraid it's even more than that can't really tell)
    I have to add that I have no experience whatsoever with approaching ppl I like or to understand if someone likes me.
    My profile is smth like this if it helps,
    I'm an introverted and quiet person but I'm confident and I think it shows, I'm not really shy as I'm more direct and straightforward, dunno if it's true but I think I'm pretty enough and fit enough (I'm non binary but let's say I'm a girl, not many understand the other term and that's ok)
    To finish off, I'd like to get to know him (don't even know his name) better, then we'll see, I need advicee help
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    This is so cute! Keep finding excuses to shop and get served by him like every week or something. I totally get what you mean by the eyes met and everything froze moments. Hope it works out for u!

    Definitely find some excuses for needing to pick something up at the store. Then as you will see him several times you can just smile and say 'hi' like you would with someone you know. After a few times saying 'hi' - up the conversation to an open ended question about work or the weather etc. For example: How are you, He'll say: Fine and you ask if he's been busy today or notice if the store is more (or less) crowded or just some similar silly comment/small talk (example: Its nice to have some sunshine) whatever is appropriate. Hopefully he'll engage with you in the conversation - but he won't if there are people waiting in line. I think you'll get a good indication if he even has a smidge of interest based on how he responds to your small talk.

    Good Luck!
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