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Money problems, should I move out or not? watch

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    Hi guys,

    I'm a bit of a difficult situation right now and I'm wondering if anyone else is in a similar situation and they'd be able to advise me.

    Basically, I've decided that I want to go to uni because I'm sick of moving from dead end job to the next dead end job, but I'm trying to figure out if it would actually be cheaper for me to move out or continue to stay with my mother.

    So I understand that if you're "living with parents" the maximum amount of maintenance loan you can get is £7300 (in London) and if you're living away from home, you could be entitled to £11,354 (in london).

    Ever since I left college in 2015, my mothers child tax credit payments stopped and it's been really hard. She increased her hours at her low paying retail job from 16hrs to 30hrs and I've had to get a job quickly as she's been demanding monthly payments of £500 from me ever since.

    If that isn't bad enough, she borrows money off of me occasionally, but never pays it back and I'm made to feel guilty when asking for it because she will make excuses like "i wasn't paid much this month" or she will use Christmas or someones birthday as an excuse. She currently owes me £250 for a phone she purchased for herself in september 2017 on MY argos card and she hasn't made a single payment towards it despite constant reminders from myself and letters through the post.

    The interest free period expires next month and she just pretends like it's not an issue. Thankfully, I know how to manage money unlike her and I've been saving up my money because I had a feeling this would happen, so I can pay it off. She still continues to smoke despite it being so expensive and she clearly can't afford it. She's constantly buying unnecessary decoration crap for the house as if that's a priority right now. I'm honestly just sick of it. I'm having to suffer because she can't manage money and makes no attempt to get a better job (I was earning more than her as soon as I left college!) I feel as though she's just going to be a hindrance to my studies and I'll be absolutely penniless living with her. Not to mention that we argue a lot, which is why I'm always out with friends or staying at work late.

    If I stay at home, I'd only be entitled to £7300 maintenance loan (despite me having to pay rent) and I'd obviously have to find a part time job to be able to survive, but if I could move out and find a room for £500/600 per month and get much more maintenance loan, then surely that'd be better as I wouldn't have to work as much and I'd be able to focus more on my studies?


    Yeah I think moving out is your best option. It doesn’t sound like a good environment to study in, and you shouldn’t have to support her spending like you are. You’ll save money and stress by moving out :yep:
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    Sound like moving out would be better. You'll have an extra £300 or so a month which gives you £850 a month for rent to even break even with living at home. Plus if you're not home you can insist you have no money as you're a student and your mum won't see what you spend - so you can hopefully break the habit of her relying on yo.
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    Thank you both for your response. At this moment in time, I've decided that it's very likely that I will move out.

    Lately, I've been purposely staying at work late just to avoid her because she's actually becoming unbearable to live with and constantly gives me s*** as soon as I step through the door.

    My birthday just passed and I previously told her not to buy me anything so that she can start to pay off the debt. She didn't get me anything, as requested, but didn't make any payment towards the debt either. It's like living with a child to be honest and it's stressing me out.
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