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Sign this petition to allow copies of books to be taken into GCSEs this year watch


    Just do your work kids.
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    It won't happen lol and plus I'd hate for the exams to be open book.
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    (Original post by Dalek1099)
    The students require the books in the first place to read in class so the schools will presumably have to buying the books anyway?

    I think that last part is because the teaching in schools is not good enough in some classes. Teachers should relate what they teach to the real world.

    I think that often students struggle with Maths because its taught too abstractly and they don't actually understand what the topic is about.

    This is something I have learned as I have learnt harder Maths and found that I struggle a lot with it until the lecturers give examples or you do examples.
    Unlikely, schools don't tend to buy the books and hand them out. It's expected that a student going into their English Literature degree will buy a copy of the book themselves. At least that's how it worked for me and most other people I've spoken with. Schools encouraged students to buy their own books so that they can read them in their own time, write notes in them and so on. There was a very finite number of books available and it doesn't seem to be common that the school provides the reading material to students. And even if they are, you still have to verify that those books are in a condition which doesn't allow cheating.

    Maths is very much one of those subjects where you need to practice. If a student is not doing lots of example questions and practicing then they're likely to struggle. In many cases it's not enough to listen to the explanation, do 10 or 20 questions from the textbook and call it a day.

    In many cases, it seems as though the teachers aren't aware of what they are supposed to be teaching. If you've ever looked at a unit syllabus, you'll likely see a list of content that needs to be taught but no mention of the life skills a student will pick up as a result. It is not a priority for teachers to cover life skills or apply their content to real life. In many cases they're focused on teaching the content in the syllabus so that students can pass their exams. There isn't time, nor are there resources to do much more, especially when you've got a class of 30 students and 1 teacher trying to help solve their problems. This is compounded in lower achieving classes.

    Maths in itself is a fairly abstract subject. Many subjects (both STEM and non-STEM) tend to revolve around learning some information to regurgitate in an exam and/or doing some analysis. Maths is a different kettle of fish because as a subject it is fairly abstract already. Of course there are elements of memory involved but the key elements such as problem solving are not taught directly. A lot of students struggle because they don't naturally stumble on the methods and life skills that make the subject much easier.

    Fundamentally, the way we teach students is abysmal but it's a necessity. A better solution would be to have one to one teaching with every student so that problems can be solved directly, students can go at an appropriate pace and more specialist help can be given. This is simply not practical for many obvious reasons such as cost and lack of resources. So you end up in a situation where it's one teacher for 20 to 30 students. In an hour long class, that's 2 minutes of attention per student, not nearly long enough to properly solve glaring issues. And because the majority of students at GCSE level only learn at school, they struggle to get anywhere. This is not something that can be dealt with though. The best we can get is for students to take more responsibility for their education at a younger age. But given the existence of this thread and the support for the petition (I have to remember a few key points from a book and some poems, woe is me) it would suggest that teenagers are not in the right frame of mind to be doing this.


    DoNt sIgN tHiS pEtItiOn!!
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Updated: February 14, 2018
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