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Sign this to allow GCSE Eng Lit students to take copies of books into GCSE exams watch

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    Change the GCSE English Literature exam from closed book to open book.

    Last year, lots of students struggled with GCSE English Literature as it was a closed book exam. Because of this many failed. How can they expect us to remember quotes from 15 poems, plus how to analyse them, plus remembering the whole plot, themes, characters and quotes from another book.

    How ridiculous, exams are a test of your understanding and ability to recall/remember things within the subject. It would be pointless to just let students read from their books for the answers.

    Look, this is stupid. If you don't know how to analyse the prose you've studied, or cannot recall "themes, characters and quotes" without having the book/poems in front of you, then you must have very poor understanding of the literature. And anyway, in an exam, I can guarantee that you won't have time to write a coherent response to a question, as well as search/read the book to find what you're looking for.

    this is stupid,

    i may as well just make a petition and say "scrap a-level revision and let us take out textbooks into the exam."

    ngl I'd buy the best and high quality textbooks if that was the new rule .

    plus, if you know many failed this exam last year, then you should work even harder for this years literature exam.

    I get both sides of the argument with this. I was in the last year group to sit the old exams before they changed to the new exams where we were given a clean copy of the texts and were able to use this for quotes. All the things related to characters, themes etc we had to revise ourselves. I understand the posters above me saying that these things should be learnt. Yes, perhaps learning them is the best way to demonstrate you've learnt the texts, but it is the study of the texts themselves you're doing your exam on. Having the book/poems themselves do not give the answers to the questions asked.

    Literature is now compulsory for all students in my local high school to take, even students who are struggling to pass Language have to take it. It is unfair to ask students, especially at GCSE where not everyone's strong point is Literature or even English in general, to have to learn so much. Even my A Level English Literature syllabus is open book for poetry.

    (Original post by soIiIoquy)
    this is stupid,

    i may as well just make a petition and say "scrap a-level revision and let us take out textbooks into the exam.
    GCSE isn't exactly as demanding or vigorous as A Level though, it is just a qualification that acts as a gateway for students onto desired courses or apprenticeships, quite a lot of which will never ever study any form of English again as they do BTECs or go down a mathematical or scientific pathway. It's not quite the same to compare the two.

    (Original post by Bobeth)
    I can guarantee that you won't have time to write a coherent response to a question, as well as search/read the book to find what you're looking for.
    False. The old GCSE exams were like this from a couple of years ago. Pre-exam prep involved learning where about in the books things took place and then you flicked through to the page number to find relevant quotes. Many students got As/A*s and had access to the book too, proving that you can write a coherent response.

    I did last years new GCSE exam...it wasn't that bad. people failed because it was the first year doing a supposedly harder exam. i can speak on behalf of most people and say remembering the quotes wasn't hard. i never sat down and read through them, when u revise and go through poems and texts you automatically remember quite a few, more than u may think.

    As someone who did a course that has been closed-book for years, I don't think it is unreasonable to keep the exams closed-book. You need to learn the content regardless, most teachers would tell you not to even touch the book if it was on the table because of timings and the fact that it suggests that you may not have learnt the content well enough to answer an essay question on it. Have you also considered the fact that your grade boundaries will undoubtedly go up massively because they allocate grades through trends of results? There's plenty of time in the year to learn the quotes with the content. Sorry.
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Updated: February 13, 2018
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