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My girlfriend 'occassionally' stops feeling ANYTHING watch

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    Hello, (I am not the kind of guy that is experienced with asking questions on forums, I've never done it so I hope I inform you enough and I hope I use this tool to it's correct purpose)

    My girlfriend (22) (I am 21) which I've been with 3 years sometimes for a certain period of time does not feel anything.

    (She has been adandoned by a parent when she was young, which I think I should add)

    It first started happening after we were together 6-8 months, and we were broken up for 6 months after that. Then we got back together and to my greatest surprise (I'm a rookie when it comes to relationships) it happened again. This time the period we broke up was shorter, like 3-4 months. Then we got back together again, it went well for a long period of time, but now it's happening again.

    We live semi-together, she has her own place and I occassionally crash back in my room at my mom's. Three days ago we were supposed to get together, which we did, but when I arrived I sensed in how she acted that there was something wrong. After a fight she said she needed space and asked me to leave.

    We both do see other people eventually in these periods, but i feel quickly after we notice eachother moving on; we get back together. We both do wanna end up together. And it feels amazing when we do, but it hurts so god damn much when we break up again.

    Now I am 90% certain this is the same thing, because she says the same things. She needs space, she doesn't know what to do, she doesn't feel anything at all, she wants to be 'alone' but hangs with her friends alot. So i guess she just wants space from me.

    The communication is getting better over the years of experience, she accepted to go into therapy for this problem and says she wants to get out of this together. We are actually planning to start living together, this week we have an appointment to go check out the house, and we didn't communicate whether we are still going to do this.

    She also said she had to think; because if we were going to live together this situation would be even worse. I read similiar cases on forums and people respond that the girl's a 'borderline' case, and that the guy should get out asap. But the thing is, I love this girl. And she loves me so extremely passionate when we ARE together, the sex is great, everything's great (-minor problems).

    The future I'm building keeps changing and it's frustrating. I hope there is anyone that reads this that has had the same case perhaps, or knows how to handle.

    Because it's only now that I feel she doesn't want to, in the periods she doesn't experience this 'numb' experience, like I said; she loves me, I can see that.

    eugh ridiculous, and you wanna move in together...

    also people need therapy for wanting space?
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