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    Where has all information on ancient Egypt and the Roman Empire an all that actually been recorded? like where did they get all the information from

    Outside of primary sources?

    Herodotus was probably the first 'historian' (the issues around his style of recording things notwithstanding). Much information is gleaned from writings of contemporaries that were not actual historians, but were just discussing in letters the socio-political and cultural discoveries and occurrences of the time. Such people pop up in every era of history.

    A huge amount of countries have archives of contemporary or near contemporary ancient books. The archaeological records have also filled in or verified a great deal of information. Both the ancient Egyptians & Romans were very literate and recorded their writings on all manner of materials (stone, leather, paper, wax tablets, wood etc) and many examples of these writings have survived to the present day.

    One example of contemporary Roman writings would be the Vindolanda tablets:

    Sometimes these sorts of precious historical artifacts are open for display to the general public. For example, Salisbury Cathedral has a Medieval copy of the Magna Carta on display:

    And the great museum in Naples has some of the Roman scrolls from the Villa of the Papyri on display:

    But more often than not, these sorts of precious original writings are usually kept in safe & secure temperature controlled storage units where they are only accessible to a select few.

    Sometimes new ancient writings discoveries turn up in surprising places, such as inside of book bindings:
    https://www.theguardian.com/books/20...al-manuscripts &

    And one of the most famous ancient writing discoveries is of course the Dead Sea Scrolls:

    In terms of who owns the Dead Sea Scrolls, lots of countries are trying to lay a claim to them:

    There is a considerable number of Latin writers who, even if we doubt the authenticity of the things they write, the works themselves are a product of their times, and are expressed in terms familiar to them. What does a writer need? A pen yes? Not always, common people sometimes used stone to graffiti walls, ruins and items are extremely important.

    You can tell by items left behind, pottery, poetry, ledgers, coins, all these attest to a high level of civility.
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