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    Ok, so i just recently came out as gay to myself (accepted it) and was seeing this boy we were dating but i told a close realtive about him and i would have hoped they wouldnt open their mouth. I come from a very conservative family. anyway we had a family gathering and this realtive of mine blurted what i told her infront of my WHOLE FAMILY and i literally fainted head hit the floor everything. and they made me delete him and told me to never talk to him again but i cant just avoid him forever has tedious as it sounds he was my jack and my first ever love ovi i cant trust people i know so i wondered what i can do?

    You'r family can't make you stop seeing someone, it's YOUR life and YOUR relationship(s), they have no right to take that away from you.
    As for the family member who outed you, they were wrong to do that and deserve to feel ashamed, I'm gather you told them in confidence and they betrayed that trust - if it were me, I'd stay away from them (unless it was an honest mistake and they didn't mean to)
    I have quite a rebellious attitude so I would keep seeing that person just in sworn secrecy, however if that can put you in danger then be very careful or just don't risk it - start dating after you leave home

    I'm so sorry your family are closed minded, thats the last thing you need, take care <3

    it doesnt matter if your gay or straight but just remember that it's the family name that lives on. That's all that lives on. Not your personal glory, not your honor, but family. Go get a girlfriend to further the family line- your perosnal circumatances are irrelevant
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