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    Hello this is my first ever post or anything of this sense,
    I am 19 years old and am very sociable and without sounding like a **** a fairly popular person. However, I am still a virgin (not many know) and even though i have spoken to met up with and everything with a lot of unreal girls i am yet to get passed to that stage. Iv never had a girlfriend and only had my first ever proper kiss since starting university. I would say i get a fair bit of girls but i always get too anxious in the sense of, am I going to embarrass myself in kissing etc. Moral of the story I am most anxious by a mile about my penis size i never let anyone ever see it and i feel sick when i think about it and anything. i look and think about it everyday and having a good life socially and financially this factor in my head hinders it all!! The size is literally slightly longer than an iPhone 7. but in the mirror it looks like a joke!! When i see penises online or sometimes my friends I get jealous how odd that sounds but being a so called Alpha person a fear of being laughed at scares me. Any advice please and thank you

    Welp, here I go measuring my penis against an iPhone 7 to check if I'm better off than some random stranger on the internet.

    Yea....... not sure you are actually being serious here.

    But, in the off chance you ARE serious, then if you are popular and can get girls then get the girl you find attractive and you have respect for! Take it slow. If you are wanting a relationship you need start slowly and engage the girl socially and emotionally first. Once you both are getting emotionally attached to each other then you can start getting closer physically. There is no first date or third date rule...... you don't need to have sex quickly. Get to know each other and let the physical chemistry build. Then when you are both making the decision to be an 'official' couple she is not going to care the size of your penis! Plus if you are the length of an iPhone 7 (eye roll) then you are just fine. Comparing yourself to naked men on the internet - who may make their living being naked on the internet - is unrealistic!
    No different than a girl comparing herself to Kate Upton or Gigi Hadid - unrealistic.
    I hope that you can find confidence in yourself and use your personality that makes you popular to find a great girl and put your body image issue behind you.

    Good Luck!
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