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Flat mate makes irritating noise and is in denyal that i can hear it! watch

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    Well, what can i say i get along with most of my flatmates. I try to be as considerate as possible with them and I have made it abundantly clear to them that if i make any sort of noise / annoyance to anyone that they should speak up and tell me about it so i can mitigate the situation.

    There is this situation that one of my flatmates constantly rocks a stool in the kitchen. He claims that i should not be able to hear this despite me looking through my door peep hole and witnessing him doing it whilst the sound that carries into my room matches his movements.

    One time i was studying and told him the night before that i keep hearing a repeating knocking sound from the kitchen and he said it wasn't him. So i assumed he was telling the truth. The next night however it got worse and i went and asked him again, do you hear that sound and he denied it again. It wasn't until i looked through my peep hole with the constant tap tap tap tapping that i sort of exploded. I did yell at him a bit as it was an extremely irritating noise. I however apologized to him and he continues to say there is no way i can hear him doing that. He continues to deny it to this day.

    A few months later takes us up to today. One of our flatmates brought this up when we were having some late evening drinks. He asked how can you hear the stool banging in your room. I was like dude im positive it is him and the stool. So we did a little experiment. I got him to rock on the stool the exact same way i saw the other flatmate do it. And it was the EXACT same noise. So i got him to stand in my room and i preceded to rock the stool in a similar fashion. And he agreed that it was an annoying loud noise.

    So i passively brought this up when he returned the other day from a weekend back home and said oh regarding the stool issue, we did a little experiment me and Scott. It is the stool that is making that noise. As i was about to suggest that i could demonstrate it, he went into a childish tantrum saying things like "THERE'S NO WAY YOU CAN HEAR IT" and "I REFUSE TO BELIEVE THAT THE STOOL IS CAUSING THE NOISE". I wasn't even angry with him and said it in a passive and normal voice.

    Is it just me or would any normal person just have said "Oh sorry, il try and stop it" rather than being in denial and awkwardly continuing to do it after he is aware that it is causing me annoyance? What should i do?

    Don't stress about his reaction. See if he continue to rock the stool. If he does keep asking him to stop, hell realise pretty fast that you know exactly when he's doing it and probably decide to stop.
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    What should i do?
    Go and buy some rubber feet to stick on the bottom of the stool feet. £1. Problem solved.
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