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If she is not virgin!!! watch


    (Original post by Zoolcool)
    I didn't.I'm not married yet.just17years old.

    In my opinion both women and men should not have sex before marriage.
    Would you buy a car without test driving it first?

    1. Having a happy sex life is key to having a happy marriage. However people vary on a physical level (including "down there"!) a remarkable amount (so much so, that having a good sex life is not simply about having the will and skills, you need to be an actual "good fit" together and genuinely find each others bodies physically attractive).

    If you marry someone without having sex first, then you're as good as signing a lifelong relationship contract with someone who you have absolutely no idea whether you will ever have a good sex life with or not.

    And good sex does matter (much more so than virginity!!); good sex creates hormones which bond a couple better together (making them feel closer, happier and more in love) but an unsatisfying sex life will have the complete opposite effect (making them feel distant, stressed out and unhappy). Relationships are never plain sailing and sexual disstisfaction can create a lot of serious problems in a relationship or exacerbate others (to a critical level).

    2. But let's say that you do marry as virgins and things work out sexually. One day, both of you will inevitably wonder "is the grass is greener on the other side of the fence?".

    If you have only ever had sex with one person, you are going to wonder what It's like to have sex with other people. "Is this as good as it gets?", "Could it be even better with someone else?" Etc thoughts are going to occur. And if you have signed a lifelong relationship contract with someone, then unless you cheat on them, you will never know the answers to these questions (for you will have no other sexual experience to gauge/compare anything against). For all you know, you could only be getting half the enjoyment you could out of one of the greatest things there is to enjoy in life.

    And your sexually inexperienced wife will wonder these questions too. And when your relationship goes through inevitable adversaries, do you really want those niggling thoughts to add additional doubt and strain over your relationship together?

    If someone has prior sexual experience then that is a GOOD thing, because it means that out of everyone else, the person you are with made an informed decision to settle down with you. That they know that the grass is not greener on the other side of the fence.
    Would you rather someone got with you out of complete sexual ignorance (and could quite possibly have avoided you completely had they known any better), or would you rather someone got with you because they actually considered you the best?

    IMHO virginity is far too romanticized in women; the vagina is not like some sort of piece of cheap elastic whose elasticity is ruined with one shag!
    And sexual inexperience is not only very overrated, but it is arguably not a good thing in a relationship that is intended to last.
    In the past, when there was next to no human rights or reliable contraception, life expectancies were low and all families cared about was furthering ancestral lines, virginity mattered in that scope (when marriage was done not for happiness but for producing heirs and creating advantageous social political alliances). But we don't live in the medieval times anymore.

    (Original post by Glassapple)
    Would your like to say the same to the 7 people who have repped me so far? They clearly agree with me.
    That people agree with you speaks more about them than it does about you.

    (Original post by Tootles)
    My contempt for you grows with every post I see. Get over yourself and this need to insult everyone.
    Would your like to say the same to the 7 people who have repped me so far? They clearly agree with me.
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