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    (Original post by Lola<3)
    I go to an all girls school, so then environment is very pro feminism and pro left. I am centre, however would never admit it otherwise I would be hunted down.
    I am very open and believe that both the left and the right have good ideas and have to exist together for society to truly work. HOWEVER I refuse to feed into identity politics and giving people oppression points. They believe a persons worth is based on how 'oppressed' they are, not on how much they contribute to society.

    (Original post by bitofaledge)
    Disagree with this. An ideology that effectively steals employees hard earned capital is never good. This high-tax socialist fantasy will result in companies leaving the country and setting up shop elsewhere in order to save money. This in turn will destroy the market and lead to vast unemployment; that is of course if the high taxes on your every day man/woman have not already achieved that.
    You say "An ideology that effectively steals employees hard earned capital is never good". When you go to work, you produce more wealth than you are paid in wages. That money was stolen off of you. Some of that stolen money was certainly put to good use creating new jobs, but I can guarantee that a good portion of it was spent on cocaine, prostitutes, gold, cars, private jets (all sorts of crap that is good for no one and needn't exist).
    if i was a billionaire id spend that money on a ton of **** i didn't need. and so would you... humans are self-serving.
    if billionaires exist then do you expect them not to spend a ton of wealth produced by you and me on useless items?
    what if we could take that money that we're spending on cocaine and spend it on schools instead.
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