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    A car of mass 1000kg is towing a camping trailer of mass 250kg along a straight road/ There are constant resistances to the motion of the car and trailer of the magnitude 150N and 50N respectively. The driving force on the car has magnitude 800N. Calculate the accelaration of the car and the trailer and the tension in the towbar when :

    the road is inclined at sin^-1 2/49 to the horizontal and the car is travelling uphill.

    Working out:
    I have worked out acceleration using :
    F = M * A
    1250cos2.339 - 250 = 12,250 * a
    a = 0.08

    Tension = M*A
    T = 12,250 * 0.08??

    (Original post by Chelsea12345)

    Working out:
    I have worked out acceleration using :
    F = M * A
    1250cos2.339 - 250 = 12,250 * a
    a = 0.08

    Tension = M*A
    T = 12,250 * 0.08??
    Resolve your forces along the slope so you don't have to deal with cos or sin like you did

    I can see that you're resolving for the whole system so where does this 250 come from? Have you taken into account the driving force of 800N?

    To find the tension, you have to use F=ma on either the car or the trailer because the tension cancels out if you did F=ma on the whole system.
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