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    Me and this girl have been speaking for about 3 months and I really really like her. We're not dating because it just isn't the right time for either of us but she's sweet, kind and so pretty and she really does mean the world to me.

    She's quite shy though and like me doesn't really like attention and asked me if we could keep the relationship between ourselves which I promised to do so. However, I did tell 2 close friends that we were talking and I really liked her and trusted them that they wouldn't say.

    Yesterday though, she was away on a trip and there was a Snapchat group chat which had 2 of the friends I told in and they were asking them lots of questions. Apparently one of them then asked her if she liked me and was talking to me. She then went really shy, shocked and embarrassed and tried to ignore the question until they were persistent and she said no and then later messaged me saying she needed space.

    I didn't mean to upset her or for this to happen as it was a mistake and I just want to apologise to her and win her trust back. I know I messed up and am gonna be honest with her and have already got her a card apologising but what else can I do to win her trust back as I feel awful and really do love her.
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    You need to give her the space she asked for and when she is ready, talk to her and apologise to her. Also speak to your friends and ask them not to grill her on you
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    If she says she needs space, give her some. Just for a few days (any longer and she’ll get worried - us girls always jumping to conclusions lol). Then meet with her in person to talk things out, say you’re sorry and all that.
    It might get a bit awkward for you but she’ll appreciate that you had the balls to talk face to face and not just text where you can hide from her.
    Tell her some of the things you’ve mentioned here: that she’s kind, pretty, that she means a lot to you and you don’t want to lose her over a really silly mistake. Admit that, yeah, what you did wasn’t right and that you should’ve stayed true to your word and not tell anyone. Just make sure you’re staying sincere and don’t say anything that’ll make the situation worse, like making excuses for yourself (she won’t care if you thought your friends wouldn’t mention it, you still broke a promise to her).
    Don’t expect things to go back to how they were immediately after you’ve given a decent apology either. Even if she says she’s forgiven you, she still won’t be happy. Stay calm with her (the ‘come on it’s been a week why are you being so petty’ card won’t go down well), check she’s alright every now and again - just don’t bombard her. Become more dependable, let her know you’re there for her. Try being more honest, you’ll build up at least some of the trust you lost; just ask her little things about how she’s feeling and tell her about the bad/good things in your life.
    Just don’t make the same mistake twice, you really will lose her then. Actions speak louder than words; she’ll know you’re sorry if you don’t do it again.
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    All you can do is wait, and then text her back again apologizing. Hope you guys start again.

    Give her some space like she asked and when she is ready explain to her. Also I suggest you talk to your friends you trusted them and they let you down. Be careful with the people you trust so many fake people these days. Hopefully you both sort things out
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